It’s not the fact that my sister, who looks younger than I do…and is WAY hotter than I am, is going to be a grandma that I am writing this.

Back about 5 years ago my sister, mom and I decided we needed to go to Las Vegas. My sister was turning 40ish and my mom had never been on a big plane.
My mom has been saying that she’s going to die soon since she turned 38.
“I better go now, because you never know…I might die soon.” or “I don’t think I am going to make it much longer.”
Internet, don’t say anything to her…but I think she is a touch dramatic.

When we decided to go to Las Vegas it was for many reasons. My mother is a gambling whore. I am my mother’s daughter. And my sister…

Okay, my sister is the coolest person I know. She listens to Pantera. She blares Limp Bizkit on the way to work. She can dance better than JLo. She can sing any Motown song ever made. She rocks out to things from Salt & Pepa to Eminem. She is truly the coolest person you’ll ever meet.

The real reason we picked Las Vegas: Kathy has a life long dream of seeing David Cassidy in concert.

Pick your jaws up off the damn keyboard my fellow bloggers. I know, it is a shock. It has been a family secret for years, but she admitted it today on Pissy Britches blog. I figured it was okay to talk about it.

It’s not good to keep this kind of stuff bottled up.

So what are you all hiding?

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.


  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    I’m hiding my saggy boobs.

    Oh, I suppose that’s not what you meant at all, is it?

    Well…I don’t know how well I hide it, but I had a raging wet spot for Daryl Dragon (the Captain from the Captain and Tennille) when I was 12 or 13.
    Hey, at least I picked a heterosexual crush, unlike all my friends who pined after Barry Manilow.

  • Liza

    I am totally hiding my love affair with Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s, may he rest in peace. Actually, that’s not really a secret. I blog about Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s, may he rest in peace, a lot actually.

    Hmm…A secret? I don’t keep secrets anymore. I shall have to dig deep down, WAY down and find a secret.

    I’m still thinking.


    I’m with Renee too, I love Air Supply. But that’s not a secret either. I’m never ashamed of the things I love because I love them for a reason.

    God and I’m only 24, but I’m already getting saggy boobs. That sucks. That’s not a secret either. I love my boobs.

    I can’t stand Barry Manilow, but that’s not a secret either.

    Copa Cobana can burn.

    I’m so leaving a really long comment until I think of a good secret to share.

    Sorry. At least you’ll be entertained.

    OH I KNOW!! I hold concerts for my cats when Chris isn’t home. I turn on my iPod and sing and dance for them and I get really pissed if they don’t watch. I’m not dancing for the hell of it you know, I’m performing! They really enjoy “Come on Eileen”

  • Laura

    I’m not hiding anything (yeah, right!) but I have to say GO KATHY! A long time ago, in a city far away (Las Vegas) I got to see David Cassidy perform in “EFX” at the MGM. Maybe it was the two-drink minimum, but I was pretty darned happy that the character he was searching for was named Laura! Not bad sitting the crowd with DC pining away for LAURA! :-)

    Kathy remains just as cool as ever in my eyes!

  • Kami

    Okay, I bought Britney Spears Greatest Hits. Sorry, friends. I know this comes as a shock, but some of her songs make me want to dance my ass off!

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Liza –
    ” I hold concerts for my cats when Chris isn’t home.”
    “and I get really pissed if they don’t watch”

    You have made my day with this. I will be thinkin’ about this and dissolving into giggles all night.

  • Shaun

    singing in my head “I’m all out of love, I’m so lost without you…….”

    Secret that may keep me out of political office: That I had to dress as Batman for the store I was working for (sold Halloween costumes there, obviously) when the store got an entire segment about the new costumes (1998,1999 or so)devoted to it on the local news station. My female boss made me Batman at the last minute(I thought I was going to be The Joker). I had the lips for the costume, but the costume didn’t leave much to the imagination in the, uh, utility belt region. Lets just say I found out why a lot of these superheros wore extra-concealing support on the outside of their crimefighting gear. And of course, the camera slowwwwwwwly pans up and down my costume during the taping. Our store taped the news, and we all watched it later that night. I laughed at it, but I was SO embarrassed as they would rewind and play it over and over again and make their Batman jokes. The female employees would ask if I had the Batmobile parked close. I won’t even go into the customer comments we had over the next few days. Its funny now, but back then……ohhhhhh man.

  • Liza

    Bucky, I’m glad I could be your entertainment for the day! I could secretly videotape one of my concerts…I don’t think I’d ever actually do that. It’s private time with me, the iPod, and the little kittens that lick themselves when they should be paying attention to me.

  • Romani Heart

    I was totally in love with David Cassidy, well until his half brother came along, then it was ALL about Shaun. I had over four hundred pictures plastered on my walls in my preteen years.

  • Cat

    (small voice) Justin Timberlake… I dance to him… I like to sing, “Gotta have you naked by the end of this song, boom shocka boom shocka boom shocka boom!”(/small voice)

    That’s all I got. Heh.

  • kimmyk

    Well, musically speaking-I dig the Backstreet Boys. My daughter is over them, but I bought their new CD and told the sales clerk at FYE that it was for her.
    She wasn’t with me so they couldn’t catch me in my lie…

  • dashababy

    Thanks everyone, now I dont feel so bad. I can honestly say, I have never:
    purchased a Brittany Spears cd, dressed up like Batman/obscene Batman, won a pageant of any kind.

    Ok, there was that one Air Supply album I bought but that was back in the day when we were all convinced Bread was the hottest band before them.
    I do love Barry Manilow and the Capt and Tenille to this day. I had David Cassidy wallpaper until I was about 14.
    (Thanks Laura, Cat and Romani Heart for backing me up here.) And you might catch me rockin out to some Backstreet Boys and Paula Abdul, but only when no one is looking, except the dogs. I dont sing for them anymore because they look at me like,”WHAT THE HECK WHAT THAT, THAT JUST CAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH???”

  • Renee

    WOOT WOOT Let’s hear it for Air Supply.

    “All out of love” i could listen to everyday!! Ok so that wasn’t really a bad secret…here’s one to make you laugh…i bougth New kid’s on the blocks greatest hits off of Ebay about 5-6 yrs ago because i was too embarassed to buy it in a fucking store!!BWAHAHAHAHA….you are laughing with me not AT me right?! Right?!

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Nope, no Britney CDs here.
    But I do have a special vibrator with Taye Diggs’ face pasted on it.

    Okay, I just made that up.

    It’s LL Cool J.

    (and Liza, your cats are ungrateful little philistines.)

  • Lucky Lum

    Wow, I love all the spilt secrets.
    Yeah, I have also put on Air Supply concerts for my husband. He loves them! (with his earplugs in)
    My secret: I use to own a Spice Girls cd.

  • Liza

    Philistines? That’s a new one!

    I still think the Spice Girls rock. I was excited when I heard “mama” play at my friends wedding reception. I was also a bit ashamed that I knew it was the Spice Girls. I wonder if Jessica was ashamed that they were playing the Spice Girls at her reception. This was this month, not even back in 1997.

    I actually own 2 Britney Spears albums. I think her first two ones. And I have Christina Aguilera’s first cd. The main difference is that Christina can sing. Not ashamed to say I own Christina. Why I don’t get rid of Britney is beyond me.

    I still can’t think of anything that really embarrasses me music wise. I have an n sync cd, but when I got it, they were cool.

    OH NO I KNOW!! I actually have like all the Mary-Kate and Ashley albums from the mid90s!! That’s pretty embarrassing but it makes me laugh. My cousin and I would sing the songs to my niece.

  • Andrea

    I used to own Air Supply’s Greatest Hits. On cassette.

    David Cassidy is so retro he’s cool (Constantine did a cover of “I Think I Love You” on American Idol, and it was GREAT!). So that’s no huge confession ;)

    Mine: I sometimes listen to Radio Disney so that when my kids finally start listening to pop music, whenever that may be (and it may be sooner than I think, I have a KINDERGARTNER, you know), I will already know all the words to their songs :)

  • Circus Kelli

    My music secret:

    I have a NELSON CD, but for the life of me, I can’t think of the name of their one or two songs…

    Air Supply Rocks.
    I bought Barry Manilow’s Ultimate Greatest Hits two years ago.
    I never liked David Cassidy.
    I did have a thing for Shaun Cassidy for a while, though. Whatever happened to Shaun Cassidy after “The Hardy Boys”, anyway?
    I used to heart Donny Osmond in a major way, but I moved on after he married.