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I told you about the ‘flash wars’ this weekend. When I got home and I downloaded the pictures I found about 75 that looked just like this! I deleted a lot of them, but there were some I kept…because of that smile my sister has. It’s the smile she has when she’s laughing really hard.

When I was showing Mom the pictures that I had taken from our trip up to Shingletown she saw this one and said, “Ewww, delete that one!”
I kept it because I love her hands. I have hands just like hers and someday my hands of my baby girls will look just like these. I think they are beautiful.

unfortunately, we will have her feet too…but I don’t think anyone wants to see THOSE pictures!

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  • Charlotte in Pa

    I’m in Philly and my Mom’s in Michigan. Whenever I really miss her, I find myself thinking about her hands. Even though she’s worked extremely hard her whole life, her hands are beautiful to me. I could pick them out of a crowd of hands!

  • Pissy Britches

    Awwww..hell. Why are they covering the face???? Crazy asses. They got tired of you taking pictures didn’t they?
    I saw the ole’ Nikon D70 advertised in the newspaper on Sundeeey for $799.
    Extra for accessories of course.

  • KC

    Thank you for sparing me the feet. I have a huge foot issue. I can not stand them.

    Why doesn’t The Fonz like her hands – I think they’re beeyootiful.

  • MrsDoF

    Don’t hide when a camera is pointed your way. For awhile, DOF had a business reproducing old photographs. Daguerrotypes, wedding pictures, etc.
    One time, a customer came to him with a man’s driver’s license and said it was the only picture they could find of him to put in the paper with his obituary. He always ducked whenever anyone tried to do a photo.
    Your face doesn’t belong to you. You are behind it. Your face is the person that your loved ones recognize and care about.

  • dashababy

    Mrsdof, I normally dont mind my picture taken but Kris likes to take pictures of us when we look like hell. It was midnight, we were both waaaaay tired and not exactly wanting our worn out faces put on her blog because we knew she would post them. So out of a billion pics she has of us, there are these 2 of our hands. I also have lots of Kris covering her face. It was funny tho, we were laughing so hard trying to get shots of each other. It was ridiculous.

  • Pieces of Me

    OMG I look at that all the time..my hands look just like my mom’s except hers are starting to get old lady looking…mine are still young! That is so neat that you talked about it!

  • dashababy

    Hey, I saw that Theresa commented on an earlier post. Hi Theresa!
    I saw the comment and it says “Lipsa” and I thought OMG, only family members know about that name and then I figured it out, Esa is Theresa, yay.
    and yeah Pissy, she likes to zap ya with that thing when you least expect or you look absolutely ridiculous. Blackmail pictures. I got some too so be nice Kris. :)
    You should get your box today. I put some sweet williams seeds from Shirleys.
    Oh and I am no long in possession of the underwear.

  • Greenthumb

    If it’s possible, I have my grandmothers hands, it’s true. They are man hands, but with her characteristics and shapes.

    I loved her hands when I was a child. They were hard working hands with the toughest skin like leather, but soft like suede. They were never still.