Random and Odd


New year, New me….yeah, Naw. I like the person I already am. mostly.

I spent New Years in Redding with my sister and I spent the whole next day nursing a huge hangover.  It’s been since 2019 that I had even really drank.   That time I nearly died in a hotel in Dublin really took its toll on me and since then I have steered clear of alcohol.  This year needed to be drown in Jack Daniels and Jack did not disappoint.
We sang to EVERYONE we drunk dialed and all of them hung up on us after laughing hysterically at us.  We stayed up until 2am dancing in the garage.  It felt like Mom was there with us and we crrrrrriiiiiieeeeed like babies at certain songs.

We can start saying “We are going to Ireland THIS year” and it’s exciting and of course, scary a little bit too.  I will miss Dale so much. Ireland was our thing and going without him feels weird. I was nearly tempted to call him and tell him to come with us.

Alyx has me playing this game with her.  Whenever we would go to goodwill she would find a ‘get’.  Something she wanted. She got her get.  Her husband and her play, ‘got’ which is what happened during the day that you got that made you happy.  Her gots are always cute…she saw a dog’s hair blowing in the wind and that was her ‘got’ for the day.   She wants me to play and I have actively been searching for my daily ‘got’.  This morning I saw this woman running her garbage to her can and she had this massive smile on her face and she skipped the last few steps and tossed her bag in the can. As she was running back to her house she jumped up in the air and gave the sky a good punch.  I instantly giggled and said, “It’s my GOT!”. I’ve been thinking about her all day and it brings a smile to my face and reminds me to celebrate the small things.
Today has been a double Got day.  Shea called me with news and it made me all teary happy.    She told her boyfriend that I was her best friend last week and I swear when she told me that my face split into two with a smile.   That has been keeping a little pep in my step.


Anyway, it’s the 4th and I’m on my third book of the year.