Random and Odd

Lifelong friendships

This is my favorite time of the year to be on Facebook.  I get to go through the posts I made when I was in Ireland in 2017 and relive the stories, the places we went and the remember the laughter.  During this time I send screenshots to Dale and we text back and forth and then when the two weeks are over we won’t text for another 5 months or until something happens and we need to reach out.  This is our friendship.  I cherish this friendship. We are going on 20 years of memories, laughs, crazy adventures and just being there for each other.     This year also coincides with my mother being in the hospital.  She recently fell and broke her hip.  She had to have a replacement put in and with her Alzheimers and being almost non verbal she’s confused at why she’s there and it’s heartbreaking.
So mixed in with remembering storming the castle at Bunratty, we are also talking about my mom and sending strength.
I was telling him that Shea will be on a month long road trip with a friend in Australia when her season at Buller ends.  I gave her some advise on how not to kill your road mate.  I told Dale, “My wish is for her to find a friend like you that has zero interest in her and she doesn’t see that as a challenge and she sees it for the rare gem she is being offered.  I wish for her to look at this person in return with the love you have for a sibling.   In that friendship she will find laughter, love and a lifelong person who will be by her side through all the seasons of her life.”
He reassured me that she will find her asshole just like him.

In 2017 Dale and I traveled around Ireland for two weeks.  Our car had a name.  I shouldn’t be surprised that he too remembered her name, but when he did it made me cry.

There are times (like all the time) that I am afraid I have whatever it is that causes Alzheimers and I will loose the memories I have.  I’ve actually feared it so much that it doesn’t scare me anymore.  Now I am desperate to make sure that I get to have as many as I can with the people I love so (god forbid) if end up in the same boat, my kids and loved ones have great stories and memories with me.
My mom and I have a million. I just wish I would have known when we were making them how important they would be.