Random and Odd

Weekend Photo Hikes

Last weekend I managed to get a few of the historical markers shots. On my Instagram highlights I have been adding them.
In the past few years when I see one of the historical markers I will get a photo, but with this virus out I have decided to spend my weekends in the car trying to add a few more to my collection.

Dan and I went out to Amador county to get some photos of the California poppies all over the hillside. The sun was only half out so they were only half open which meant it was only half as beautiful as it could have been. The poor guy got suckered into checking out all the markers with me. Honestly I don’t think he really cared much as everyone has been bored at home and it was nice to talk to someone….and I can drown out what he’s saying anyway ;)

This weekend is another round of searching for historical markers!

If you’re interested in visiting some historical spots near you in California: https://ohp.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=21387