Random and Odd

I touch my face….a lot!

Yosemite 1960

It’s not until you’re told to not do something that you realize how much you actually do it. I would say 30 seconds of every minute I am touching my face. I rest my head in my hands a lot. Mostly when I am talking politics with my boss, but still.
No one is taking it serious either. I mean is it TRULY essential you get that oil change or your A/C recharged right now?
People come in and say, “oh I am safe.” and I look them right in the eye and say, “I might not be.” and they take a step back. What is it going to take for people to take this shit seriously. I now know 5 people who have/had this and because someone doesn’t know anyone who has it, then it’s a ‘scare’ and not going to happen to them.

My heart goes out to the people who have to work in hospitals right now. I get panicky about going into work in automotive repair (mostly because no one I work with thinks this virus is as big of a deal as it is) I can’t imagine going through what they are going through right now. I don’t come home to young children that I can pass anything on to and I am happy about that. My boyfriend’s son (who is my boy) is 16 and self quarantined himself to his bedroom…where all the video games are ;)

A customer came in and said the hardware store had a sign that required masks, the next day the sign was down. He asked why and they said too many people complained about having to wear a mask and they didn’t want to loose money over it.

Yeah for capitalism. *rolling eyes*

I saw something that said we would never be able to really withstand an apocalypse..we are failing on easy mode as it is.