Random and Odd

When I started planning my trip to Ireland and told my agent that I had two weeks.  He lost his smile, “No, that’s not enough time!”
at that point I thought he was crazy. Two weeks was plenty of time to be able to see all the cool things I wanted to visit.
Now that I am back and reviewing all my notes, I know he was right. It wasn’t enough time. Not even close.

When I started planning my trip I was single. I honestly didn’t believe that I would have anyone in my life when I finally got my stamp in my passport.  Again, I was wrong.  I also didn’t realize the sheer volume of missing him I would do this entire trip.  As busy as I was the whole time, my mind always wandered to his smiling face and wondering what time it was at home.

I am working on a book that pays homage to the book that set my path in a certain direction at a very young age.  My Auntie Jessie gave me a book that I picked up at her house and was enthralled with the photos and the words and how they danced together and gave me a feeling that I too could express myself through some sort of medium. My path was writing and photography, just like the book.  I found the book again when I was moving into my new home.  No one believes me when I tell them that I wanted to be a photographer and writer because of this beat up book I shlepped around with me since I was 8 years old.   I wanted to be a lot of things because of the limited books I had growing up.  In my home we had this giant atlas book that I would get lost in and ask too many questions about all the places in it, questions my parents couldn’t answer, “Mom what does Peru smell like?”  My two other books were Barbar the Elephant and his journey around the world in a hot air balloon and Sleeping Beauty.
Talk about the weird shaping of my life through books.  I can’t imagine what kind of person I would be if I had more books at my disposal. Regardless I am a traveling elephant with a princess complex.

In addition to the Kismet book for myself, I want to document my trip to Ireland for others to read. It’s not easy to write when I am at home and counting down the minutes I have to climb into the car and drive to work.

It’s half seven, so it’s that time to get moving.