Random and Odd

A whole new life

What an incredible last month we have been having.

Thanksgiving was spent in our new home surrounded by our family.

In a very unlike Kristine move, we went to pick out our Christmas tree in Apple Hill the next day. It’s a beautiful silver tip that is swimming in the most beautiful bulb lights and ornaments from my family and his. I promised Alyx that I would wait until she gets home before I put up our 10 family ornaments. Jon said there isn’t enough room on the tree for one more, but I think I can find a few spots!
This last weekend we road tripped up to Oregon to be there for Marina and Jasper’s gender reveal. It’s a boy!! (i already knew!) but right before they went to find out what the gender was, he went down on one knee and proposed.  Damn near cried my heart out. Tabitha and I held it together until Jeremiah told us that Jasper had asked him if he could marry his sister the night before. Ah, crying again thinking about how incredibly sweet that was for him to include her brothers.  
I got to spend the night at Alyx and Aaron’s place in Oregon. It’s so awesome and I am really proud of them for all that they have done, but I miss my angel so much.

The drive home was so beautiful. Jon and I kept saying how much we want to move up there. I suggested we take Jesse to the college so he can see how awesome it is. Maybe take him to a Ducks game!! It would be my luck all the kids move back to California by the time we sell the house and move up there!