Random and Odd


Pathetic. I know.

So I have been tracking my food on my fitness pal app and I started to really see what I was eating. I reversed that type of eating and I went too far.
I started with a protein shake for breakfast, a salad for lunch and something low carb for dinner.
I was averaging about 1700 calories a day.
After a month I started getting lazy and went to 2 shakes a day. Now with the break up…i’m at 3 a day and nothing else. I swear to GOD, I want to eat…I even tried to eat breakfast this morning and it tasted SO sugary. When did sausage start tasting like a spoonful of sugar?
I’m at 500 calories a day and it’s just stupid. I know this and I hate it.
Food just doesn’t taste good.

Ugh. I will get through this.