Random and Odd




What a weekend we had!  Getty Owl is always the best damn run in Sacramento and having my running team there is always awesome.  I walked it this year with Victoria and we talked the whole time. I caught up on what she was doing and where she’s thinking about going. The more she talked about it, the more I wanted to join her.  Wyoming sounds like heaven!  I know as soon as Shea graduates from high school I’m outta here.  California is just too much and I can’t afford it anymore.

I am still waiting on my tax return and then I am going to sit down and budget how much goes to hike thru gear.  I was thinking of putting a down payment on a car, but the more I think about it, it would actually be smarter for me to just shove that money in savings and hold out for a old pick up truck.  Just wait until I find it instead of rushing it and wanting it NOW.  I’m smart, but horribly impatient.

I’m trying to work several things out in my head lately and how to process them.  As soon as day light savings hits, things are drastically changing in my world and I am afraid everyone in my life is either going to love me or hate me.  A customer came in yesterday and he was talking about his days off and he said, “In time the thing I learned was the most important thing was to be very selfish about my time off.  I take that time very seriously now and I don’t waste it.”   I was thinking about that all day and how much of my free time I just toss away.  I’m going to be selfish about my time off now too.  It’s MY time and I have earned that time.

And on that note, I have to go get ready for work.