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This whole week has been one of those “Catch Up” weeks where I think I am going to catch up and I don’t.  On Friday at 3pm I looked at my boss after going through all the invoices and bank statements and I said, “Did I even do anything on Tuesday? I mean…if you look at all the stuff I just did, you would think I was dickin’ around on Tuesday and just let the whole place run itself.!”  He then looked at me and said, “This place was insane on Tuesday. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”
What other place can I work that I can tell my boss that according to my catch-up workload it looks like i did nothing on a certain day and then he reminds me that I was too busy to keep the schedule that i set for myself?  That’s the best part of my job…I set my own goals and expectations of myself.   I put together my own workload and every day I get a post it note with random things written on them from my boss that he either needs me to do or look into.
At the end of the day, i’m exhausted and I am SO PROUD of that exhaustion.  The mental drain of doing what I do, dealing with the employees and also the customer is so rewarding.

Home is base now.  This is safety and quiet.  The TV comes on once or twice a week for an hour and the other times it’s silence or if I am home alone working on pictures it’s a soft jazz in the back ground.

OH MY GOD! I forgot the biggest thing I am planning!! I have a one week hike thru this summer.  Of course, I have to plan the whole thing, but that’s okay. I have all the books and I just need to do more research on what section I am doing, but I am hiking the Pacific Crest Trail!   I read the book a couple years back and I was like, “No fucking way, that’s RIGHT HERE!”
I’ve done the research on my core items: Tent. I have decided to just bite the damn bullet on this one and get the 380.00 tent that is 1 lb.  Yes, 1 lb.  I’m trying to decide if I keep my 12 degree sleeping bag or if I should just get a 24 degree and go with that because it’s lighter.  (another 200 bucks) I guess after I put all the stuff together I will decide.  The water purifier, foot print, stove and bear canister will also have to be lightweight and I have done research on all but the canister.   So far no one wants to come with me.  Victoria doesn’t pee outside. Aaron doesn’t camp and Dan is being a total putz about it.  It’s okay, it was the same thing with Skydiving. No one wanted to do that with me and all these years later some of my best friends are those that I met when I was skydiving.  Maybe I will make new friends when I start thru-hiking!!
Yes, another adventure I will start doing and people will slowly follow. I CAN FEEL IT!!

My life is taking yet another direction and because of all the twists, turns, and fires I have walked through I am not afraid.

xoxo. K



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  • Carmilla

    If I lived out there I would go! One of my bucket list items (as soon as the kids are grown) is to hike the Appalachian Trail. I should probably start smaller and work to that! Ha!

  • Cricky

    One of my goals is the whole 25 day John Muir Trail hike.
    I’ve never hiked in my ENTIRE 34 years, but I watched a documentary on it (Mile… Mile & A Half) and now I must go.

  • randomandodd

    Cricky, I watched that too and I agree. That’s what spurred me on, but there is so much of the PCT that I want to see too!! Wanna do the JMT together???

  • Cricky

    Funny you asked….I just posted on the Curvy Girl Guide about my desire to sell all my stuff and leave Florida.
    It’s been a dream for the past 3 years but these last few months have sparked something in my soul to finally go through with it.
    I actually just spent my whole lunch ride telling my BFF about John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt & how all of it came to be….
    Maybe I should start planning a trip NW.