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With Kara in town for her summer visit we have been spending a lot of time going places and trying to make as many memories as we can pack into a month. Each road trip we have been on has had a soundtrack and I know whenever I hear a certain song now I will hear my kids singing it from the backseat and think about where we were going that day.

Yesterday on our way to San Francisco we had the music going and Usher’s ‘Yeah’ came on and it has been in my top 20 favorite songs since it came out. The girls know this and as I listened to them sing it I knew that this was going to be one of those songs that they will forever relate to me, their mother.
That got me to thinking of the songs that I directly relate to my mother. Beautiful songs like, “Still of the Night” and “Misty Blue” are represented in my memories. I think of all the times dancing to every 1950’s song with my mother in my Auntie Shirley’s kitchen while chicken fried on the stove.
The pure sounds of Do-Wop times and the missing elements of synthesized artificial crap we have now days is what I get when I think of my beautiful mother and her music.
The Four Tops and all of the Motown family was played at high volume in our home as a child and we would grab each other and dance around the room. We did the bop and swung each other around as we sang Jackson 5. The Commodores greatest hits is the soundtrack of my youth. It can make me sad and nostalgic…but it will always be the quickest way to think of ‘family’.

As the girls bounced around to Usher’s ‘Yeah’, I felt kinda sad. THIS is the song they are going to remember me with? Yes, I shared every song from the 1980’s and I am proud to say they were raised right because they know all the words to “Baby Got Back” and every Beastie Boy song from License to Ill.
They also have an extensive knowledge of the 1950’s/1960’s music my mother listened to and know that I love them because I would make them dance with me in the kitchen to some Chubby Checker or Al Green. Alyx has more knowledge of 1970’s music than any 15 year old ever should.
I started to feel a little bit better as some of the other music came on and they knew the words and would say, “Remember when we went….” And I know that the song is what triggered that memory.

I relaxed back into my seat and listened to the singing girls in the backseat when, “It’s Getting Hot in Here.” came on.

“OMG! This song reminds me of Grandma!”

I closed my eyes and held back bursting into laugher because I HAD to hear why in God’s name THIS is the song that reminded the girls of MY MOTHER.
They just all said, “TOTALLY!” and sang along.
I realized that is their memory of my Mom, their grandma. They didn’t get the woman barefoot in the kitchen, ciggerette hanging from her fingers, dancing and laughing with my Auntie and telling stories of how they grew up in Oakland in the 50’s and how much their Mom loved this song.

I’ll take Usher’s “Yeah” as my song…at least it’s not “Hot In Here”.

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  • Maryloushy

    Is that you or Kara in the right? I am not playin. She looks more like you each time I see her!!!!!

  • Renae

    When I was growing up in a predominantly Spanish house, most of the songs I think of I can’t pronounce! lol No, just kidding. But whenever I would go visit my mom in her apartment, she always had “Frankie-baby” (as she calls him) Sinatra or Sammy Davis, Jr. playing. But for the most part, I wasn’t fortunate enough to have a “soundtrack” as a child. But as we all know, it’s quite different for me/my child. I have always had music going but I bet any of you who know me well enough can guess what makes her think of me….?

  • Your sister

    Music is such an awesome thing. It can transport you to different times in a flash. I’m always amazed at how we can remember songs from so long ago even if we haven’t heard them in years. There are certain songs that remind me of mom that really get me because it reminds me of a time when she wasn’t so happy. Misty Blue, she would play over and over and over until I thought,,,I’m gonna break that damn record. But today when I hear it, I know now what it means to her. A love lost that she will never forget and the regrets that go with that. So when I hear it, I get a little lump in my throat and it still remains one of my favorites of all time. Just so happens to be one of my dads favorite songs and I wonder if he heard it back then and thought of her, possibly the same time she was listening to it. Others that remind me and will probably slay me after she’s gone is “Sunday Kind of Love, I want Someone, Tell Like it is”. There was alot of sadness but so much joy mixed in. I guess that’s just life. Ok, probably over
    sharing here and Dad/Carl if you’re reading, I love you. Whenever I hear that song “Wichita Lineman”, I think of how much mom loved you. This post has made me very melancholy. Sad because I know Kara is leaving and hearts are heavy but then if you didn’t go away and come back, you would not have these times together that are so precious. I’m so glad you made such great memories. I will never forget our time at the lake, that longest day of the year when we thought the sun would never set. It was beautiful. I love you all.

  • Kristine

    Tell it like it is. Yes, that is a Mom song. I am going to have to never listen to that song after she is gone because just thinking about it now makes me cry!