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Holy Filet of Fuck!

Kayaking in February. Life is good. REAL good.
Kayaking in February. Life is good. REAL good.

Last August Victoria and I took out the kayaks and went out for the day. I came home sunburned, sore and with battle wounds.
She has been saying she wants to take them out again. “It’s raining outside…and colder than a witch’s tit. No.” I try to reason with her.
“It will be fun!”

Sure as shit, I will have that engraved on her tombstone!  “it will be fun!” will be the thing that lands our asses in jail too!

Today I gave in to her pleas and we headed out for a couple hours. 
SO.    MUCH.   BETTER.   
It was cold, but it was quiet.  She said, “This feeling I get being out here must be like what you feel like when you’re trail running.”
Okay, I get it now.  

She’s leaving this summer for a month and a half so we planned to take the kayaks up to Tahoe before she goes.  I’m going to miss her dorky laugh and feverish rants on civilization of the past.  She sure has her opinions and she’s so passionate about them.  Sometimes I just shake my head and say, “chill. relax. it happened a hundred years ago.” to which she points out the direct relation to what is happening now.
It might take her a little while, but she’ll realize I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. When I do get worked up about something, watch yourself…I will not let it go and it MUST mean something to me, so either get behind me on it or get out of my way.

I’m gonna miss my buddy. Poor Birdie will now be stuck with me. :)

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