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Run for Getty!!


I’m getting excited about interviewing Kate from Getty Owl!!

I’m normally don’t throw out the name of the races that I am doing because honestly there are people I don’t want to sign up because I don’t want to bump into them.  This race, I don’t care. Love me, hate me…I don’t care. Sign up for this race. Bring all of your friends. Tell your friends to bring all of their friends, kick my ass in the parking lot or point and snicker the whole time…but sign up because Getty and her family are doing such amazing things with this foundation and they need all the help they can get.

We will have a bunch of the Runs With Rusty Scissors crew out there at our booth.  The Honey Badgers are meeting us all out there too. It’s going to be an amazing day, with lots of smiles, probably me crying along with Kate.  Most of all we are going to have fun and RUN FOR GETTY!

If you don’t know her story, please take the time to read her blog and get to know this amazing little girl!
Then sign up for the race. If you don’t live near by, but are compelled to sponsor a runner to run for you, please email me at RunswithRustyScissors@gmail.com and let me know and one of our many broke ass runners would be so honored to run for you!

Thank you!

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