Random and Odd


“I miss Kara Bear.”  This was  a text I got totally out of the blue from Dan.  We usually only text when we are making sure someone is picking up the girls or something, so I knew he must have been having a rough day.  “Me too.”

Dan decided back in October that he was going to surprise the girls with having Kara fly home for Christmas. It was one of the hardest things to not tell the girls…well, that and I had gotten Alyx Taylor Swift concert tickets.

I brought the girls to the restaurant they were at. He had told the girls that he had a ‘date’ for lunch and they pestered him to find out who it was.  When we pulled up they saw Dad’s truck and tried to convince me that it would be a bad idea to go to that restaurant and we should pick another.  I turned on my video on phone and told them that they should just surprise him with a hello and that I wouldn’t go over there.  Alyx rounded the corner first and Kara jumped out.  The hug that she got was so awesome.  Alyx didn’t want to let go. Shea cried.   After lunch and Alyx glaring at us the whole time because we had FINALLY pulled one over on her, they drove over to the school to surprise Kianna.  She cried even harder than Shea did.

Throughout Kara’s visit, I tried to not hog her. I wanted to be sure she got in a lot of Daddy time because he was the one that jumped through all the hoops to get her here.  He was so excited. I think having a secret that big made for him to be unable to keep any of the other gifts he had for the girls a secret.   It was a good year for the Stone girls.
Kara brought us all gifts. I am the VERY proud owner of many Dr. Who socks.  She got me the Tardis socks and the K-9 socks.  I alternate wearing them from day to day. I got her a pair of Starry Night socks. It wouldn’t be Xmas if we didn’t get socks!!!
On the first day here she told Dan about a jacket she has been wanting for as long as she has lived in Virginia.  All the people there have one and she didn’t understand the draw to them until she bought one.  She said, “There is this OTHER one that I want, but it’s really expensive.”  We went to REI and she found it. It was on sale for a hundred bucks.  Seriously, if something is still a hundred bucks on sale? AREYOUSHITTINGME?   Well, Daddy ended up getting it for her.
I’m not kidding when I say this, she did not take it off the whole visit.  The first night she slept in it.  I think she showered without it, had her hair done without it and that might be all.  Dan got his money’s worth within the first 3 days of her owning it.

Christmas was amazing. I loved handing her gifts. I loved that that the girls were happy with what I picked out.  Shea had picked up this leather jacket at Charming Charlies and kept going on and on about how she wanted it.  With a little help from a sneaky sales clerk, I bought it and got it to the car without her knowing it.  She was shocked when she opened it and I was so thrilled.  She looks so cute. To me, it looks like a leather version of the Member’s Only jacket.  I made that reference and she had no idea what I was talking about.    The best part was watching Alyx open the ‘frame’ I got for her.  I had decided to put the Taylor Swift tickets in a picture frame.  The one I picked out was this old rustic looking frame that had window shutters on it.  She opened it up and then opened the frame doors and saw the tickets.   She actually began pawing at the glass and looking up at me to see if they were real. I kept saying yes, but she wouldn’t believe me until they were in her hands.  She then tackle hugged me and knocked me to the ground.
She was pretty excited and you would think that would have been the thing she talked about all night, but it was actually a pair of socks that Bobby got her with little suction cup grippy things on the bottom.  “I really love these socks!”

We spent new years together at some friends from the rink.  It was nice having Kara there with me. The next morning we went on our Resolution Run in Auburn.  A huge group of Honey Badgers and Runs with Rusty Scissors were there. Kara ran with Victoria.  It was so cool watching them come running in together. They had a good hour of face time to become friends and of course, they did. How could you not love Kara and Victoria!?

She had to leave on the 3rd and we were all bummed.  She had gotten sick the day before so it was a long flight for her. I knew she would be happy to get home to  Patrick and get ready for her next semesters in college.  She’s taking a lot of the ASL classes and the requirements to get her BA in translation so she can take that where ever she ends up.

Now it’s getting back to life as normal.  I still miss her though. This will be the year I convince her to move back home right?



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