Random and Odd

Late to the game…really late.

I found my old music player and decided to just give up on the piece of shit Ipod that has a battery that lasts about 30 minutes with a full charge.
I needed to order a new charger and transfer cable because I had not used it in about a million years and moved 3 times.  When I finally got it all charge I noticed it had a folder for podcasts.
During a FB conversation with fellow runner, Amanda she said she listens to books on audio while she runs.  For the record, I was SHOCKED she listened to such cheesy authors. I mean, FLUFF.  I can’t judge, because I admitted to reading them when she admitted to listening to them.

Podcasts.  Anyway, during a half marathon I aided last year, I met the guy that actually runs one of the bigger websites that have podcasts for trail and ultra runners.
Now with my music player and a slight interest in podcasts, I downloaded a few and took them on a run with me.  I loved it.
I’ve seen people with their earphones in on street runs and I tried it, but I guess I am don’t like music enough anymore to really get into it.  All I could think about was the length of the song and how I had just ran through 6 straight songs and I was using it as a way to time myself, which is bad because I am slow and I don’t want to know  how many songs it’s going to take me to get back to the car or the house.

Today I am downloading podcasts like a fool.  Victoria and I start our plan for the year on Monday and it involves a crazy amount of time running and in order to not get bored  I need to listen to something and have something to look forward to.
I’m going to need to find a way to get out of the normal rut of same place running and pick some new places. If I MUST be on the pavement, can’t it please not smell like exhaust fumes?  I do like Sculpture park, but after running it a few times, it got boring.
The urge to get back on the trails is overpowering, but I need to get Victoria to her half marathon and then I know she will be ready to venture out and be able to bring other people into this and teach them.
As soon as that is over, I’m back on the trails!

I am still in constant contact with Kate.  She insists that I have been bit by the Getty Bug.  She’s right. I am all Team Getty right now.  Can’t wait to get my Team Getty tank top!
Part of being a team member of Runs With Rusty Scissors is having a fundraising project.  We have a booth at the Getty Owl Run that will help Birdie with her fundraising project. Victoria holds a hockey tournament in the middle of the year and I have decided that I will do benefit hike.
I’m not sure what the others have going, but I am all about making sure that everyone succeeds and  I’m fired up to help them reach their goals.

This year is going to the best year….so far, so good.