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I never thought to ask…but why do you not have Facebook?

Not that I am complaining. You are the last of the commenters over here on R&O.  I took the site tracker thing off my blog because I didn’t want to see who was coming to visit so I can write for me and  only me…but the last I checked I still have a good grab-bag of readers (Who is it in Australia that still reads me? I miss you sending me candy!)   Anyway…got me to thinking about how Facebook changed our blog world a bit.  It also curbed my cussing to a screeching halt. *sigh* fuck shit ass bitch.  There. Oh, and boobhair.

Anyway, why do you not have Facebook!?

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  • Kelly

    Know that I’m not Joe but you made a great observation about social media and the ‘demise’ of blogging. I miss reading blogs. Perhaps I’m one of the few but I don’t really like FB or twitter. It seems to be filled random, mindless shit consolidated into 2 or 3 sentences. There is a clutter of just crap for the most: rescue this animal, ‘superior dances,’ (“If you are not and don’t believe something JUST LIKE ME… you suck and are going straight to hell”), words to live by/”kitten cards” and good lord at the ‘drama’ (someone made a catty/inappropriate comment and now they’re gone/I’m deleting this account), etc ad nauseum. No I don’t ‘enjoy’ FB but many that I care about DO. I miss blogs as they used to be (and the bloggers who used to write them). You are one of the few that I read daily that still write (and I appreciate the time you take to write– so thank you!). While I love the technology and the premise, I also think we are doing ourselves an inherent disservice communicating with each other primarily by social media or text messaging…

    God, I’m getting old- the next thing you know I’ll be complaining about “loud music” or “music now-a-days” :)

  • joeinvegas

    Which Joe? Me? I have a Facebook account, spend too much time there. I like the longer blog format, but so many of the ones I read have stopped blogging nice stories and started Facebooking short comments and kitten videos.

  • Kristine

    Kelly, It’s a teeter totter for me. I like being able to see more pictures, but then again…I see MORE PICTURES. I mean, whoa…people post a lot of pictures of their food.
    and I am about done seeing pictures of people that they take of themselves either in a mirror or holding out the camera. Please, just ask someone to take your pictures, that is WAYYYY too much of your face. You know what I mean?

    I miss reading the full content of why a picture was taken. That is something I am going to work on this year in Random and Odd. I want to get back to more expressive writing.

    Yes, you Joe. Why aren’t we friends on FB? You won’t post pictures of gnomes will you?

  • Kelly

    YES!!…and the ‘trout pout’ cellphone pictures! Why people think they look ‘good’ doing this is beyond me. And you’re right– dear God in heaven at the number of pictures. Like you, I miss the ‘story’ behind the picture. FB and twitter are like trying to tell a story (or communicating) by a ‘soundbyte’ (a sentence or two).

  • Mittnay

    I too love the long format. I don’t comment – because, really – what can I add? (ie: I don’t feel compeled to tell you anything useful).

    And FB … OMG … the drivel. The lack of context … and the STUPID reposting of absolute crap. Untrue rumors, silly pictures, dire predictions of losing autonomy over content, etc. etc, etc.

    Yet here! It’s just Kristine – and her life and observations and none of the BS. :) How refreshing!

  • Kristine

    Oh Mit, I agree!
    I love that you commented though! :)
    I am tired of getting the exact same reposts on my wall and in my newsfeed.

    Luckily, I deleted and blocked all that drama in my life. Now I just have to deal with my family and the gun control issues.

    I like what you wrote. Thank you!