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This is my second morning in Maui and again I can’t sleep past 4am. Yesterday I did the same thing, but I wasn’t alone. Lester and I were both awake and too excited to sleep.
This morning I have the patio doors wide open and even though it’s still dark outside I can hear the waves crashing on the beach. Hot Kona coffee and sounds of the ocean in Maui … now that’s the best part of waking up!

Yesterday was our first full day on the island. We met our friend of many years to take out on his boat to go scuba diving. It’s been a couple years since we went scuba diving and 2 years ago I had a devil may care attitude about life and wasn’t nervous at all. In fact, so much as I was the only one out of 4 that did the first dive…and without a dive buddy. Yesterday, my nerves got the best of me before I even got out on the boat. Lester asked if I was okay and I told him I was nervous. He asked why I was nervous and I had no response…”because I am.” And he came back with, “well stop. Stop being nervous.”
I love that man more than most things, but truly sometimes he’s just straight retarded. He realized that was a lame comment and he smiled and messed up my hair. He’s learning that he must quickly redeem himself before I raise my eyebrows at his volume of stupidity. His smiles defuse any explosive situation he might have created.
Our friend, Bill who lives on the island asked how I was doing and told him the same thing. “It’s alright, Darlin’. You’ll be fine. I’m right here and I’ll make sure you’ll be safe.” BINGO. He nailed that one on the first try! I relaxed a little bit and stared out at the ocean waiting for our boat to come back in. Bill was the first person that I went scuba diving with after I was certified. He’s got this Texas’esque accent that he has never lost while living in Maui for 500 years and it’s down right adorable. I could hear his voice in my head the last time I went diving…”Have fun and be safe!” “check your depth sweetheart!” “if you get scared, look at me Darlin, it will be fine.” So when we got on the boat and started getting ready to go in and he started talking I began to feel better. Once I got all my gear on and went off the side of the boat backwards I was fine. All that anxiety for nothing…I was comfortable.
Bill took us out to the reef he built. It’s compiled of a bunch of stuff he collected when cleaning up the ocean. He wrote out the words ALOHA and new coral is growing on it and to be honest, when you come down to about 60 feet and you’re hovering above it, it’s breathtaking.
Hidden in a coral shelf was a white tipped shark. We came in close and I sat on the bottom of the ocean (about 90 feet) and watched and waited. He came out slowly and was arm distance away.
Holy hell, I love my life!

After our morning dive we came home and I slept like the dead while Lester hosed off all our gear and watched TV for a bit. Note to self: when taking Tylenol from a friend to rid yourself of a headache…make sure it doesn’t say PM after it, and be sure if you do still take it, only take ONE and not TWO.

We found a great taco shop on suggestion from one of the guys at the dive company and next door was a tattoo shop. Just walking in made me nervous. Lester had designed the tattoo he’s getting while he’s here and I took one of his designs for myself. I’m not a tattoo person, but I did make a deal with him. If he went skydiving, I would get a tattoo. I had weaseled my way out of my end of the bargain, but when we decided to come to Maui I told him that I would get it while I was here.
I showed the artist the tattoo that I want and he made a print out of it so I can wear it around for a day to see if it’s where I want it to be. Just him prepping the area for the stencil made me sick to my stomach. After it went on it looked HUGE and I began to regret even putting the stencil on! As I walked around and began to look at it on my skin, I decided it’s not as big as I originally thought and I do like it a lot. It’s a tattoo that I have been staring at for 2 years nearly every other night and I am very familiar with it. So on Thursday I will be getting my first tattoo…and I will probably either barf or pass out during the process.

It’s been 2 hours and the sun still isn’t up. HURRY! I’m ready to start my day!!

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  • Karen in East Texas

    It’s good to hear that you guys are having such a fabulous time. I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii. Enjoy every minute.

    Tattoo hmmm? I got my one and only tattoo when I turned 30. I’d planned to get a couple more, but decided not to everytime I thought about how much they cost.

    I don’t believe I’ll ever regret getting the one I have, because it’s personal and means something to me. I won’t discuss what it feels like. :)

    Have Fun!!!