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Yes, it has been forever since I have updated Random and Odd.
For the last few weeks, things have been very busy and I haven’t been motivated to do much.

2 weeks ago I moved out of the rental house and into an apartment. Marina asked me, “This must be just weird for you…you ok?” I told her after all the things that have happened in the last two years that this wasn’t even phasing me.
The move went much easier than expected. I had signed up for the apartment a few hours after being laid off and I was approved after I showed proof that I wasn’t responsible for the excessive late payments on a car I no longer own. There was a solid month of being able to be fully packed up and ready to go on move day.
I really like my apartment. I’m tucked into a neat, secluded corner that is surrounded by trees. When the wind is blowing really hard, it sounds like I have a waterfall on my patio. It’s cozy and I have already made it feel like home.

The week after moving, Team Hiking with the Exes ran in the Merrell Mud Run in Folsom. There were a few things I wanted to accomplish this year and this wasn’t one of them…this was actually a Dan and Tabitha idea. Dan wanted to sign up for Tough Mudder which I believe is ran by the Marines and they have a part that you run through live wires and face getting electrocuted. This wasn’t my idea of ‘fun’. Tabitha wanted to sign up for the one that is in the middle of the desert and again…I vetoed joining that one. We settled for a local one.
Lester came out to support me and take pictures (the one above) and I can’t tell you how much it meant to have him there. His smile when I crossed the finish line made it all worth it. The smile of course was probably there because he knew he wasn’t going to have to stand around waiting anymore and that we would be able to go home and get our nap.
I don’t ask him to come out to any of the silly things I do and I offer to take him out running with us, but he ever so sweetly declines. I do believe that he will start hiking with me, if I hike and don’t run. (I’ll move him slowly into the running after a couple months)
The Mud Run was pretty neat though. I have an issue with large crowds, but I had to just ‘Let Go’ and focus on getting there and doing what I had signed up for. When I got there and saw all the people and the mud pit I just had to laugh and say, “I really signed up and paid for this?” Tabitha was laughing because it wasn’t any different than a typical weekend mind fuck. I looked at her and said, “this isn’t my thing.” She just rolled her eyes and said, “You haven’t even done it yet!” It wouldn’t be a typical weekend mind fuck if I didn’t start complaining before we even got there.
It actually wasn’t any different than our weekend runs on the trail except crawling under the cargo net and through the tunnel. During the winter the mud pit resembles an uphill stretch we climb when we are in training.
I did have a Tabitha moment during the run when I got over the cargo net and saw a fellow runner stuck on the top, one leg over and frozen with fear. The next few minutes I stood there and coaxed him down. By coaxing I mean I was yelling at him military style telling him to MOVE IT MOVE IT MOVE IT and telling him that people were coming and that cargo net was going to get rocking. His best bet was to just fall off that damn thing than to just sit there. “You can do this! You got this far! Look at you and where you have been!!! PUT THAT LEG OVER NOW!!!” and he did. He had pushed through that mental spot and got to moving. I took off running after I saw he was okay. I heard his friend say a bit down the road “That’s the woman that got you over.” And him yell, “Thank you!” I waved and ran into the water to get the first part of mud out of my bra.
All in all, it was a great day. I did what I set out to do, I started and I finished. The bonus part was helping a fellow runner out.

This week has been finally settling into my little world and getting ready for our vacation. Yes, I said vacation!!!
Lester and I have been talking about going scuba diving for a long time and we often thought of going to Monterey, but it’s too cold and not the diving we want to do.
A couple weeks ago a bit of time opened up for both of us to drop everything and go scuba diving, so we booked it and have been counting the days.
We went to the scuba store and got some essentials. Got our suitcase in order for all our gear and tonight I will be packing up my clothes. I have 3 pairs of shorts, a drawer full of tank tops and 2 pairs of flip flops. I’m going to also throw my trail shoes in there in hopes that when we finally come up for air that we can get a couple short hikes in. I’ll be happy if all we do is scuba dive, but since I have been to Maui two other times and did nothing other than scuba diving I would love to see something else on the island. I can’t wait to get back into to the water and see that magical world.

Okay, time to unpack another box.


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