Found them mom…

I was little...a long time ago

Years ago my sister put together a photo album for me and it had all my pictures of me when I was little. I pulled out the photo album and I took pictures of pictures.

This one is part of my mother’s prized pictures of me. This one AND the one where I am standing on the hood of a truck pulling my dress up to show the world that I was not wearing britches under my homemade dress (circa- 1973). That one, internet…you will not be seeing.

In this photo album are pictures of my sister in high school. I called her and told her I was tempted to post her senior picture and she said, “Go ahead…it’s not that bad.”
Ohhh sweet freedom I hear you calling!

It’s not her birthday yet, (April 28th in case you were wondering) and I am saving up all the good pictures for that post. In preparing for that special post I want you all to go download “Brick House” so you can turn it on and listen to it when you read my birthday post to my sister. It will enhance your reading pleasure.

I love using the words pleasure and enhance in the same sentence.

What are two words you like to use together?

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.



    About a thousand words came to my mind but I could not decide on my favorite two. Since it is Friday, Vodka and Martini are taking the lead.
    Love the picture.

  • Susie

    I’ve just read your last few posts, so the first words that come to mind at the moment are “Kristine” and “rocks”.
    I sound like a broken record, but I admire you, you have done something important here. I quote, “I now understand that with depression that you’re only allowed one emotion at a time.” I’ve never heard that put more accurately or concisely by anyone. That is part of the lie of depression, that there IS only this present way of being.
    And now I have much better insight into why “boob hair,” which might be devastating to some, ain’t no thang to you;) You’ve slain much bigger dragons than the wild boob hair.
    You are lovely.

  • The Fonz

    Ok Sweetie you don’t have to show the one with you showing ur Monkey, but where is the one where you are kissing your pussy, Opppps! I mean puddy Cat.
    I Don’t think I need to tell you how much I Love You. and admire what you are doing, I know the person that you are and you always come though the hard times, You know i’m always here for you.
    Big Hug and a Smacker!x0x0x0

  • Nilbo

    Did I read that right? Did your MOTHER actually just make a joke about you kissing a pussy? That is either “very cool” (if you’re you) or “pass the bleach for my eyes” (if you’re me) (or most others). ANYWAY …

    The two words I love in the same sentence are “kids” and “out” … as in “So, whatcha wanna do tonight? The kids are out …”

    Ahh, I love it when they get older …

  • mrtl

    Kristine, Reading your mother’s comments up there make me regret voting for Sam for pope.

    Fonz, I’m sorry. If you win, please forgive me.

  • The Fonz

    Kristine Please find and post the pix of you on our front porch, bent over wearing this cute lil red scarf kissing your kitty cat… I need to clear that remark up a bit…. That pix is so dang cute it will bring tears to ur eyes….

  • julie70

    No comment available for the 21 april post ? it is about it, mine.

    I understand what you are saying, but having been on the other side, believe me it is very very difficult too. To look, to wait, to listen. To answer or not. To wait, again. To see someone destroying himself. And those souroinding him.

    I think, now, your worst period is over, I hope, in your new life the world around you seem lighter, brighter.

    I have began so many times !

    but do not regret now