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Tomorrow is Tabitha’s birthday.
I keep wanting to write something really nice for her,  but I was rereading some of the post with her in it and I think I have said it all.

When I write my book, her chapter will be called.  “I hated her. She sucked. We became friends. I love her.”
I remember thinking about her, “I wouldn’t trust that crazy bitch as far as I can throw her…unless I was her friend. She seems damn loyal to her friends.”
Oh thank the lord I am on the other side of the friend/not friend line.
We’ve learned a lot in the process of our friendship.

1. If one of us end up in jail, the other one will rally and get the bail money to get her out…and only joke about how funny it was after the appropriate amount of time.

2. If one of us is standing in line at the store and the other one’s credit card doesn’t work, we will pay for whatever it is without question.

3. There will be calls at the stupidest of hours for the stupidest of reasons. Most of the time those calls will start out with some angry words directed at someone else or the universe in general…but will end in giggling, laughter and support.

4. My sister likes her now. If my sister likes you…you’re in.

5. She has this strange ghetto grace that I make fun of on a daily basis. “Oh girl, HELL…YOU DON’T KNOW ME!”  I swear, there have been days when that one line could make me laugh for a solid 3 minutes.  Ghetto Grace is what I call it now, because she turn from a respectable adult woman who is having a normal conversation and all the sudden we are in da hood!

6. When I’m around mile 3 on the treadmill, the same song comes on: “Get Low” and I can’t help but get this dorky smile and start giggling remembering when Tabitha and I were dancing in my new house and that song came on and I finally saw what she was saying, she is kinda black.  That girl has MAD DANCING SKILLS.

7. She’s a good mom and she reminds me that I am too. We may parent different, but we respect each other.

8. We are the same kind of ‘crazy’.  And that is a freaking wonderful thing!

9.  There are days when I am feeling just about average and she will say, “Good morning beautiful, don’t you look like a sexy ass bitch today!?” and for a minute, I feel beautiful…and like a sexy ass bitch.

10. She’s taught me a lot, but the number one thing will always be, “love with all your heart, don’t hold back and don’t be afraid of it getting busted open over and over again…because it will and you will heal and do it all over again!”

For Tabitha’s birthday I promise to love again, not hold back when the opportunity arises. I promise to dance and get low when I can. I promise that if I do anything to land myself in the clink, it’s going to be for kicking the living shit out of someone that deserves it….

Happy Birthday you sexy ass bitch!

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  • Tabitha Baland

    Whoooooot Hoot!!!! Okay allow me to say this is by far the GREATEST gift I could have ever been blessed with! I will attempt to hit each one as indiviually I loaughed my black and brown ass off :-) 1. YES< bailing out is only funny when…(WE fill in the blanks)My life truly has been a Hallmark Event, one which if written would neve sell because everyone would stop reading due to too much DRAAAAAMA. 2. I FORGOT that one, so thank you for that! True, true and always true.3.If people would stop being so rude, hurtful, filled with poison and lies we would no longer have the need to reach out and assist one another from avoiding the number 1 spot! 4. Your sister is the Buzzziness, so I truly appreciate it, thanks Sissy I cant wait to see you jump! And I am down for the Redding run (I know You may need to get busy somehow)5.) I love it!!!! I truly love it. And this as unholy as it truly is, has been a buffer between me and MANY nonbelievers throughout my life. However, Im working on it…LOL!!!6.) Well thank you my Sista, I enjoy the black pearl that I am and every small once in awhile I like to ‘wiggle my assssssss.btw, I may need you to load it on my IPOD for number 6! 7.) Thank you from my core, we all need that reminder on a daily basis, especially with all the recent changes (big hug) YOU are a great mom, thats why your my friend to call in time of advice = even if I dont take it.hahahaha 8.)Thank you Father God!!! 9.) You so sexxxxxxxxxxxxy. Meoooooow! 10) May the Lord truly bless you for this precious gift. May HE remind you always to love with an open heart and a giving soul. Its HONEST!(I am still healing for a long moment but I too pray to one day truly and madly love again to the Right and Deserving man.) May the Lord shelter you always from evil doers. May HE replace them instead with multitudes of people filled with wisdom, grace and above all LOVE. I cherish you Kristine. I am thankful, blessed and eternally proud to know we are in one anothers corner! To a wonderful friend I say THANK YOU again for all that you are and all that you do! GOD BLESS YOU HOT ASS!

  • justme

    awwwwwww I wish I was still on the west coast! I would have to drive up north to meet you in person! What a sweat friend you are. Hold her dear Tabitha, and Happy Birthday!!!