Random and Odd

It didn’t make the cut…

We went out today and got all our pictures done in ten minutes flat.

After going through all of our pictures, we decided that this was the best one and it SHOULD be our Christmas card.

We ended up going with the ones that make us look a little more civilized.

*no photoshopping needed.

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  • Karen in Texas

    I love the photo and the fact that your children don’t mind being in them. My son and SO are both camera phobic and must be bribed to be in any photos.


  • tabitha

    LOL!!!!! Are you sure? Cuz you can just throw the rest of us in there if you need to. Apparently its the new IN thing. Photoshop kids in and out. Latest lame ass craze. Come onnnnn you know ya wanna! LOL, retarded asshole!

  • Kristine

    LOL @ Tabitha. Dear God woman I just about shot coffee out my nose!
    This weekend I put together our Christmas card and I wasn’t going to be in it, but the girls were all pissy about me not being in it the last few years so I did. Dan went with us because he had been hanging out after getting the Christmas tree.
    We parked in a no parking zone and so we had to hurry and do our pictures and there is this one picture that Dan and I are in with the girls.
    I thought, “What the hell, I guess it’s the new thing to “make” family pictures and technically Dan and I are more of a family than most people faking it!”

    I uploaded it to Facebook. It’s actually not half bad. There’s a good chance his family will have a heart attack when they see it!!

  • tabitha

    KUDOS for you!!!!! Hey Danno has been a constant as far as I can see. Good for him, you and the girls! Theres much to be said for a man that STICKS! Goooooooo team Danno!

  • justme

    First, love love the picture! And second, I did snort my coffee out of my nose reading you and Tabatha’s comments!