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The Ex-wives Club

The Ex-wives Club, originally uploaded by Suddenly Single.

Last night was the last night for Tabitha and Jeremiah in the town we live in.
Her phrase always was, “I am not from here!” and I get it, but once we got past our differences (ha-that makes it sound less painful than what we went through) we got really close and I very much enjoyed her conversation and the times spent laughing with each other. I’m going to miss her ‘not from here’ ass.

She was warned that she will have to come stay one weekend out of the month because I am going to go through Jeremiah withdrawals. I asked him last night while he was giving me the biggest hug, “What’s my name, little man?” he hugged me tighter and said, “Auntie Awesome.” I hope he never outgrows that…or calling Kara, Kiki.

Things have been going pretty good for me though. I’ve lost nearly 20lbs…with only 60 more to go! Breaking past the 20 marker has been a pain in the ass though. I can’t remember the last time I had a soda. I thought for sure I would miss them, but I haven’t and I can actually SMELL sugar if it’s close enough to me. The artificial sweeteners are too sweet for me now.

It seems like everyone is going out and getting their Christmas trees and I have no interest in doing so. I have 5 boxes in my garage screaming to be unpacked and put up to ring in the holiday and I’m just not there yet. Thanksgiving came and went without any fanfare…(well, except that one thing) and I guess I was hoping that Christmas could do the same. I have a feeling I won’t be so lucky…on either count.

I have 25 days to find that Christmas spirit. Might be in one of those boxes in the garage.