Random and Odd

Looking back and moving forward…

I had an awesome weekend with my whole family in Redding.  My little ones wanted to spend the week with their grandparents and auntie during their break.  Spoiled just doesn’t cover it.

They have been back this week, but since they missed karate last week they have to make up for it all week this week.
I’ve gotten home from work and they are already gone. It feels like a life time since I have been able to yell, beat or smother them with love!

My niece is getting married this summer, I know…I know…she’s SO young, and she wanted to get some shots taken in the town her dad grew up in.  It was so weird taking her to all my old hangouts when I was a kid.  We visited one of the few lakes, the burned down old bar and the house we grew up in.  Yes, we were living big and glamorous huh?

In order to get the shot, we had to get out of the car and work our way closer.  After taking the pictures, I looked at the house with new eyes.  I have a million memories there, some of the good and more that really suck.  I don’t really remember us moving out. I just remembered that one day we didn’t live there anymore and life was suddenly better for all of us.
I love it when you can look back at your past and see the future right there smiling at you.

I am hopeful and grateful that I have a future to look forward to…a very happy one.