Random and Odd

Still working on it…

Still working on getting the video uploaded.

Just thought I would put this up there…my daughter kicking ass and making it look easy!

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.


  • randomandodd

    This was taken like 3 minutes after her second skydive. I swear, after my second skydive I was in NO place to be packing a chute, and there she was…taking off her jumpsuit and headed to the hanger, “Wendi better not have started packing that thing!”

  • justme

    wonderful! You are such a teaser Kristine! sigh, pictures will have to do until the video is up, I suppose. sigh.
    If I make it back there before I am old an decrepit(coming up way to fast for me!), I am so going to have to look you up so that you can convince me I can jump lol.

  • Kristine

    Justme: You can totally do it. I mean, yeah, you could get up there and decide not to…MANY people do a ‘walk off’…they realize after thinking they are all bad ass, “HOLY SHIT WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO!”
    You’ll never be more scared in your life, but you will be able to say you did it. And in Kara’s case, AGAIN. I can’t wait to have her in the sky with me all the time. Her smiling face is totally awesome in the video!!!!