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Kara Skydiving TAKE TWO! action!

Kara and I headed to the dropzone today so she could learn how to pack a parachute.  I wandered around and talked to some of my family as she ‘sat in’ on 3 pack jobs from a couple of loads.
She has been hinting around that she wants to get back in the sky again and today was absolutely beautiful.

It hasn’t been a year since our world flipped over and things got really shitty before it got worse with the two of us.  I would drive home from work in tears because I didn’t want to even have to talk to her because she was moody, mean, obnoxious and she clearly did not like me or the air I was taking up.  It started with that and went to lies. From there, it just got worse. It took a huge wake up call for her to see what we have and how important that we are to each other.  That moment, that very moment when I held my daughter in my arms and cried with her, I knew she was back.  She has been the girl I have wanted to hang out with again. She is the honest girl that I know I can trust. She’s the woman that knows what ‘family’ means and values and honors it.  I never want to see those days and months again…and days like today is what we need to stay on that path.

Ed usually only does learning tandem jumps, but today he agreed to jump with Kara.  I nearly cried. It seemed like everything was coming together. She had finished watching her third pack when I said, “You want to jump with Ed today?”  I love this the most about my daughter…without hesitation, “YES!” And then went searching for her Sharpie so she could redo her ‘fearless’ on her hand shot.

The load number was #13 (and we all know by now that is our favorite number since I was 13 and since she started softball)  She likes to find that number in the things that we do…and so when I told her, “Load 13.” She got a big smile.

After the jump, Wendi let her pack her chute. Sitting there watching my daughter as she walked the lines, flank and try to shove the chute in the d-bag was one of the most proud moments.  She had clearly listened when she was learning early, because when it came time to close the bag into the chute, she did it.

Today was even better than the first time she jumped. Today she felt like she was welcomed and a part of the ‘family’ we have out there.

On the way home we were talking and she said, “I think I love Amanda.” and talked about the stuff they talked about. She talked about how she thought Tia was so adorable. We talked about Ed and how freaking amazing he is…and she said, “I think…uh..I think Ed might be the boss of me.”  I started laughing because that is what I say all the time!!

She has a plan; practice packing, work at the dropzone this summer packing tandem chutes and save up to go through AFF for her senior project.
My daughter told me today that she wants to be a sky diver…just like her mom.  OMG.  I don’t have enough fingers to count how many times I nearly cried today.

Thank you everyone, thank you GOD for giving me my daughter back!

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  • Tabitha

    I am so happy to hear the bond that the two of you are sharing and regaining. Its horrific when other people are the cause and the root of damage between a mother and their children and I firmly believe a special place in HELL awaits each of them. I once thought you were nuts (okkkkk maybe more than once) but for allowing Kara to jump. I realize now how wrong I was because its something you see her shine through. She is older now and in touch with who she wants to be. And I must admit well on her way. \She was shining through her pix! How can anything that brings such joy be seen as wrong. Congrats to YOU and Congrats to Kara. May God continue to bless your relationship and onward from here! Make it count mama!!

  • Tutu

    I have two grown daughters and it is wonderful when they transition from not wanting to talk to you into a friend they want to be with.
    Congrats on the jump Kara. Wish I had the guts to do something like that.

  • Kristine

    Yes, I heard it many times how insane I was to allow my daughter to skydive. The strange thing was, I know the risks and knowing that she was with Ed just made it so much easier. Seeing my daughters endless smile during freefall is amazing. After the jump and we were going through the video she said, “Check the arch after I pulled! I stayed in my arch!” –I was driving home last week and I thought about her first tandem and I almost started crying because of what it brought her. Yesterday, was that a hundred fold. She RESPECTS this sport and the risks that are involved.
    She got home and wanted to drive to McDonalds and just like every time she leaves the house to drive I got nervous.
    I’m more afraid for her safety driving across town than I am for her skydiving.
    THAT should say something about knowing what I am doing in this sport…and allowing her to be a part of it.
    She is doing fantastic now. I have my daughter back and I pray for you that you have that moment with yours…where you know…just know that you have her again.
    If that day doesn’t come, you want me to chuck her out of a plane? HEE HEE.

  • justme

    Oh how fun! You make me want to jump with posts like this! So glad for the both of you that things are better!
    I just recently went through the same thing with one of my daughters. And this side of things is so much better!

  • Katie

    I think you are an amazing mom to let her skydive! It is something that you will both always share, and while you are both plummeting towards earth at like 200 mph, you are actually growing closer! So cool!

    I’ve read your blog since, well, FOREVER, and I am so happy to see that you are doing so well, despite all the turmoil you’ve experienced. Bravo for you!