Random and Odd

2009 In Review

Favorite Movie: Life of Brian. I know it’s not a movie that came out in 2009, but it’s the best movie I saw this year. I think the second favorite would have to be The Hangover.

Favorite Song: If Today Was Your Last Day by Nickeback.
It was overplayed on the radio, but every time I heard it, I felt like it was written for this year.

Favorite Lyric: “So live like you’ll never live it twice. Don’t take the free ride in your own life”

Favorite Line: “Jump, Bitches!”
My friend Wendi says this all the time…since then she has altered it to fit the moment.

Favorite Trip: Oregon hanging out with my sister in law.
This trip was so needed. Spending this time with her and getting to know her for who she really is was eye opening.

Favorite Moment: The second my feet left the plane without anyone attached to me.
I could also say the walk back to the hanger when I knew I had some time to think about what I had just done.  “I did it.” was followed with the best tears I had cried all year.

Favorite Holiday: Fourth of July (at the dropzone) or Thanksgiving (in Redding)
I spent the whole month of July at a dropzone.  I have never felt like I fit in like I did there.  Thanksgiving was a blessing. Being with my family and healing was what I needed. With open arms they welcomed in a new part of my life.

Something Bad: My husband left us.
Something Good: My husband left us.
Something you regret: Trusting someone that didn’t earn that trust.
Something you learned: How to do a backflip at 10,000 feet in the air.
Someone that changed your life: Ed. He taught me how to truly save my own life.

Go back and change something: I would have believed her when she said to watch my back.

Subtractions from your life: Friends. A husband. Anxiety.
Additions to your life: Skydiving. New Friends. A job I am learning to like.Love and Security.

I wrote a 2009 resolutions at the beginning of the year:
Taking a NO-BULLSHIT stand when it comes to my life, my friend, my family, my future.  My tolerance for putting up with things that have no right being a part of my life is very limited.
—> I would like to say that I did this, but there are moments that I failed.  2009 had a way of weeding out the bullshit though.

Find a healthy way to live my life.  Vitamins and probiotics will be a new part of my daily routine.
—-> Yeah, that lasted about a month.

Sorry fast food, but you are a thing of my past. Soon, soda will join you.
—> Well, I cut out about 85% of the fast food. Soda, i love you though.

Once upon a time there was this woman who loved her life…let’s go find her again. If we can’t find that woman, let’s fall in love with the new woman that is on her adventure to get back to good.
—> I think this is the only one I did stick to. I love my life.

It’s okay to make a mistake, but learn from it and move on.
—> Got it. Moving on!!

Know by the end of the end of this year that you have done all the things you wanted to do in this year and be proud of the choices you made.
—> I didn’t get to go rafting or skiing (yet!) but I will. I am proud of the choices that I did make.  Some were tough some were not.

Do not shed a single tear for something stupid or someone that doesn’t deserve it.
—>If only I were this strong.

Trust my instincts.
—> I realized my instincts suck ass.  Thank you 2009 for taking over for me though! If it wasn’t for this shit ass year I wouldn’t be surrounded by people I love that love me right back.
If there is anything else you want to do for me before the year is over, by all means…have at it.

I can’t wait to say goodbye to this year. It was bitter sweet.  I am sad by what has happened this year, but so grateful for all that it has done for me.