Random and Odd

Like we didn’t see THAT one comin?

All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another. 

Sometimes we trade in a certain part of ourselves for another. A certain part of our lives for a new one.
No one forced me to jump out of a plane. No one told me it would change my life either.
Somewhere mixed in with the nightmares I have at night,  will be ones of where I am finding relative wind. Sometimes I am grabbin’ air, sometimes it comes naturally and I am doing backflips and tracking through the sky.   There was even that one where I was in a wing suit, but that couldn’t have been me, because HELL NO will I fly a wing suit.  Base jump from a bridge, yes. Wing suit? not so much.
I haven’t been up in awhile…and my subconsious is nagging me every single night with dreams of it, begging me to go back.

This weekend, I believe, is when my instructor is going to Elsinore to try to break their world record from last year.
I can’t even put to words how much is put into getting that world record.
When you watch the video, you see a bunch of guys (and girls) in what look like flying squirrel costumes ‘floating’ in the sky.
Be reminded that they are not ‘floating’ they are FALLING.
For them to have that much control  and focus is impressive beyond anything I can ever express.   From start to finish these people put everything they have into this.
I’m not even going to try to express the respect I have for my instructor and how much he brings to this sport and to everyone that knows him, been taught by him, jumps with him.

The part that I personally my favorite is after they are holding formation and they ‘track’ away (break up).  Everything about skydiving is serious. There isn’t anything can’t go wrong, but the moments before they open their chutes is important. If they don’t ‘track’ away from each other, when they open their chutes they can get tangled.
I guess it’s my favorite part because the respect they have for the sport, for themselves and their other jumpers.  Each one of these people were taught the importance of safety, not only for themselves but for all those they jump with.

No metaphors today.

Just crossing my fingers for my sky friends that are participating in this new world record for a safe weekend and good luck!

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  • Tig

    Wow, what an amazing video! You can really feel the collective energy and sheer joy they all get out of it… I too wish them a wonderful weekend – and I hope you get to go back up there soon too (but stay SAFE!)

  • Kristine

    Tig– I know huh!? I would LOVE to go as a spectator to the sport. To see the formation from the ground would be breath taking!
    I can’t even say how many hours and planning is put into what they do up there. Three planes of people leaving at the same time and finding their place in the sky…falling at the exact speed…not too high, not too low.. WOW. amazing! They have all the respect I have in me!