Random and Odd

Please no…

Once in the plane as we were heading to elevation I was stuck next to a skydiver that insisted on singing.  As the first bunch of jumpers exited the plane, he turned and sang to me, “Noooowww, I’ve hadddd the timeeee of my lifffeeeee…” in full Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze style.
“Dude…seriously… I do NOT want that to be the song stuck in my head when I am in free fall or under canopy! Let alone the LAST song I hear if I die!”  He laughed and exited the plane and I followed, soon forgetting every thought in my head.

On the way home a car fishtailed to a stop and I had to swerve to miss hitting him. I’m pretty alert most of the time, but it was at that moment that I was getting my car-dance on and singing at the top of my lungs.
The sad thing is, the last thought through my head if I had died at that moment would have been, “Dear God, do not let ‘Baby Got Back’ be the last song I ever hear!”