Random and Odd

I said, “Howdy”. He said, “Hi”

On the way home from Ryan’s 18th birthday-we-missed-lunch-lets-have-coffee-and-give-you-cards-and-hugs meeting, I was listening to my new Nano (Ipod pay it forward post coming on Tuesday) and Beastie Boys came on.
Dan wasn’t singing along with me, Kara, Alyx and Shea.

“Dad didn’t get on the Beastie Boys bandwagon in the 80’s.” I announce.
“I hate the Beastie Boys.” he admits.

Years of marriage and I did not know this about the man. Of course, it wasn’t until I got one of his social security letters a few years ago that I found out his name wasn’t Daniel….but Danny.   But MUSICALLY, I know the man.  I didn’t know he was a hater of Beastie Boys. How could this be?

“They suck. They’re rap.” He proclaims.

Now this is where I have to ask the question: Is Beastie Boys ‘Rap’.  I see it has all the characteristics of rap music…yet it can not be categorized as such.

I switched it over to classic rock and debated what song by the Beastie Boys I would be playing at his funeral.

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  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Well, they *do* rap, technically…but it’s hard to classify them as any single genre, because as Mainline Mom pointed out, they mixed in hard rock.

    I say drop the labels; listen to it and like it if you do, don’t like it if you don’t, but don’t form an opinion based on preconceived categorization.

  • randomandodd

    Does this mean I can’t be mad at him for not liking them because he thinks their rap and I’m judging him on his taste of music?

  • Kami

    I don’t think I’d throw them in the rap category, but I have no idea what I’d call them. They ROCK, though.

    Yes, do play Beasties at his funeral.

  • ~Easy

    No, they’re a rap/hip-hop group. Lot’s of rap artists mix in samples of music from ALL genres, but the Beastie Boys are definitely rap. A hard rock sound on a few songs doesn’t make them a rock band. By that that definition, Kelly Clarkson, Brittany Spears, and Hannah Montana are rockers.

    As a child of the ’70’s I hear what Dan’s saying, but he needs to expand his horizons. There are some really good rap artists out there.

  • Cheeky

    Ahhhh Paul Revere….me and my horsey and quart of beer – riding cross the land kickin up sand……..

    Loves me some early Beastie! I have that CD and listen to it often…….Hold it now…Hit it!

  • Leane

    I have always loved the Beastie Boys. Now my son likes them and he is not a rap fan. He loves rock, but also the Beastie boys–so they aren’t truly rap..Maybe Dan hasn’t given them a good chance! Next time he has the flu, just slip some headphones on and make him listen to all of the Beastie Boys songs that we love, and see if he changes his mind :)