Random and Odd

Mission Accomplished!

I have been trying to think of ways to get my body in motion. First was to buy a leash that has two clips so I could walk the dogs together.
Ever try to walk two border collies together at the same time? It was a competitive battle between the two just to make sure I couldn’t move one inch in either direction.  When I finally got them in motion and they realized that I was the pack leader, they then decided that my two legs weren’t nearly as strong as their eight.  I was drug from one end of the street to the other in a not so delicate looking manner.  Yelling, “SLOW DOWN!” just made them speed up and I was just their rag doll they were going to drag along their route to sniff out other dogs.
At one point my eight year old mind thought of hooking them up to a wagon and just letting them pull me.  It was quickly dismissed because I remember at 8 years old doing the same thing to our Saint Bernard and about 15 feet down the road he caught wind of something that was more interesting and forgot he was attached to something with wheels and I was flipped over and my poor wagon was mangled.

Today I woke up and decided I needed to bounce.  Everyone was gone except Kara so I drug her body out of bed and made her go to SkyZone with me. It’s a giant warehouse of trampolines. The last time I was on a trampoline I threw my back out and I coudn’t walk straight for weeks.  My back has been out for weeks already and I had a stockpile of pain killers so I knew it ‘couldn’t get any worse’. (Yes, I still haven’t learned my lesson)
Kara and I were like two kids waiting to get on a roller coaster as we waited for our hour to start.  We watched all these kids jumping, spinning and throwing their bodies onto the side wall trampolines.  THIS WAS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!  Once we got in I realized that I had made a huge mistake. My back would only allow me to stand in one spot and just let the people bounce around me.  The pain shooting down my back if I tried to jump was horrible!
After about 10 minutes of near tears, I decided to just start jumping.  It took several minutes before I just pushed the pain to the back of my mind and kept going.
The sweat that was rolling off my face was proof enough that I was doing the right thing.
Kara was showing me how to fall flat on her back and bounce back up. I tried it, but my mind would shut down RIGHT before I would fall and my butt would take the impact. The cool part was, I bounced right back up.
A half hour into the bouncing they stop everyone to check their tags and let us know we had another 30 minutes. At that point, both Kara and I were exhausted and ready to go, but we stuck it out and by the end of our hour we had laughed ourselves into side cramps and our legs wouldn’t hold up any longer.
We will be going back!

After we got home, she was still on the ‘mommy time’ rush and told me that she wanted to use her free movie tickets to have me see Twilight with her (She’s seen it 6 times in the theater already) and her excitement when I said I would go was heartwarming.  I didn’t like the movie nearly as much as the book…but the best part was watching a movie with my nearly 16 year old daughter and holding her hand.

So a few things on my list were completed today: I surrounded myself with laughter and was a part of it. I had my heart beating in my chest so hard I thought It would crack a rib.

This is only day 2.  I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!