Random and Odd

this sums it up.

This pretty much sums up our whole Christmas break. It was spent reading the Twilight Series.
Dan brought the girls to see Twilight at the movies and Kara decided she needed to read the book.  She finished the book pretty fast, which is unlike her normal reading habits.  She became, shall we say, obsessed with it.
When she finished reading it, she nudged it towards me and I was pretty dead set AGAINST reading it for the simple fact that she was obsessed with it and me not reading it would drive her absolutely, stark raving mad.

She put the book on my bed and since I was bored I decided I would read the first chapter and then I could say, “I tried.”
Damn it if I didn’t finish the book in 5 hours.  I knew she finished the second book that day and was going to give it to her friend at school so she could read it over break.  So, I crept into her room and fished it out of her book bag.  I finished the book shortly after she left for school.  Now I would have to wait for her to finish the 3rd book before I could start it.  Damn it.  I had remembered that I bought her the 3rd book, but it was a Christmas gift.  I ended up opening it up and letting her read it so I could get my hands on it.
She finished it pretty fast and I started on it before we left for Redding.  It took me longer to read this one because I was stalling for Kara to make her way through the fourth book.
Now I finished the last chapter today and since Kara wasn’t reading her book, I decided to pick it up and get a head start. MAJOR MISTAKE.  She is almost half way through it and I am close on her heels.  She came into my room and said, “Mom, can I have the book back.”
I wanted to say, “If you can pry it out of my cold, dead hands!” (pardon the pun) but decided it was best if I let my daughter have her book back.  It’s a good thing she’s reading. Right?  So yeah.  Now I’m bored. WAITING to figure out what happens next.
Unlike her mother, she has to sleep. :)

I had no plans on reading the stupid books. Now I am wondering if I can scrounge up some money to go see the stupid movie.

Oh, and for those of you that have read them. I’m Team Jacob.

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  • Sandy

    I haven’t seen the movie or read the books. I love to read and is alway’s looking for books that hook me in. I think I might try this one. I’m bored also nothing to do…Your kid’s already going back to school? Mine are ou until Jan 6th. Sending love and hug’s to you.

  • No Dramas

    I bought the first 2 books to read while at the In-laws for Xmas, only took one coz I figured I wouldnt have time for the both….was I mad when I finished the first one and had to wait 2 days to get home and start (and finish 5 hours later) the 2nd.
    Now I have to wait till mid-week to go get book 3 and 4 GRRR

    I did however take my sisters to see the movie last night and even knowing I would be disappointed coz we all know that the movie can never be as good as the book, I found the movie “OK”. I didnt like the girl who played Bella and there was something “wrong” about the Edward character. I didnt feel the passionate love they were supposed to have!!! (I think that comment was worth more exclamation marks really) Was still a good movie tho and I cant wait for the 2nd.

    Im Team Edward from the book, but Team Jacob in the movie …. Can I do that???

  • justme

    LOL, my girls and I have read them about 3 times each now.(read them when they first came out),they are very addictive. we went to see the movie, a little cheesy but cute. Hoping they put a bigger budget on the next one.
    One out of three of us here is Team Jacob.
    I would be of the Team Edward, myself.

  • Beth

    Hi! I’ve been reading you for a long time now and what does it take to get me to comment? TWILIGHT! UGH. I’m a 45 yr old woman obsessed with Edward…I need an intervention.

    I absolutely HATED the movie. I got my daughter reading the books and we were so excited to go see the movie…we sat in a theatre with a bunch of teenagers giggling..UGH. I hope the next one is better…but you can never beat the book!

    Ok, and BTW….I LOVE your photos!!!

  • raeleigh/bsg

    HOW CAN YOU BE TEAM JACOB?! *Throws self off something tall*

    I *think* by time time you finish Breaking Dawn, you’ll be Team Edward. I hope. What part are you at? I don’t want to spoil it for you by saying “are you to the part where…”

    I was just like you — very resistant. My roommate read and loved and I still resisted (she has weird taste sometimes). Half my twitterverse read and loved and STILL I resisted (even though i know they’re smart girls). One of the girls at work was like “have you read these?” To which I replied “meh. not really my thing.” To which she replied “i think you’d like it.” Very simply. No pressure. To which I replied “GAH. FINE. JUST STOP BUGGING ME!”

    and then i fell in love with edward almost as fast as bella did. so. go team edward.

  • Melanie a.k.a seahorse photography

    I know! I was the exact same way! Didn’t want to read them because I figured they would be too commercialized. And then I got bored and picked up the first book and I was hooked! I kept going back to the store to get each book! lol! I don’t know why I didn’t buy them all at once. Now I want to go see the movie and none of my friends want to go see it. See, if we lived near each other we could go together!

    p.s. Team Edward ;D

  • S

    I did exactly what your daughter did. Saw the movie (my friends had read the books and dragged me along), got hooked, had to read. I’m around page 300 (a little higher, but not much) in Book 3, and wishing I wasn’t supposed to be working right now cause I would rather be reading. (Although, I’m writing comments on your blog, so um, maybe I can squeeze in a chapter and call it my “lunch break”?)

    Also, if I had any idea which type of movie theater was closest to you (NA, Regal, etc.), I would try to get a gift certificate for the price of a ticket and send it to you. From one Twilight series fan to another, you know. I assume you could get that kind of thing online, right?

    P.S. Team Edward, but I’ve got 300+ pages plus one more book to go. I suppose I can be swayed, but I doubt it will happen.

  • jana

    i’ve already read the first one, and got New Moon for the kid for Christmas so I could read it…she’s already read them all, but is in her room right now re-reading them, she went to the store and bought the rest of them! I will let you know, but she is TOTALLY Team Jacob and has a very creepy Jacob poster on the wall that freaks me out.

  • Mrs. Fun

    oh i still haven’t read the last two books BUT the first two consumed me.
    i saw the movie while in NY and i am so BUYING that movie. I LOVED it!!! so YES!! go see it!!!

  • Leane

    it’s addicting isn’t it??
    The movie cracked me up because there were SO many women and girls in the audience just sighing and breathing loudly for Edward. I need to get reading though..i am still in book two!

  • Cheeky

    I HAVE BEEN IN LOVE WITH EDWARD SINCE AUGUST!!! I read the entire series in a week (it only took a week because I had to wait a day or so for the last book to come out.

    These books saved my sanity. Yes, I am 36 and yes, I LOVE these books and YES I have just wee little crush on Edward….its cool you are team Jacob….I understand it…..maybe I am with you….so I can have Edward for ME!

  • Lori

    LOL!! Almost the same thing happened in our house. M had book 1 and then got the other 3 for Christmas. I started the first when she was at work and now am on a mission of finish them before she goes back to school. They are addicting!

  • ~Easy

    Read all 4 books, finished the last one a couple of days after it came out. Still liked Jacob better, but I understand why Edward has an appeal for wimmenfolk.

    Myself, I’d rather be a werewolf than a vampire

  • Linda

    Edward all the way….all that romance, strength and vampire magnetism hmmmmm!
    I loved the books, read them in the summer, refuse to see the movie in theatre as I heard it was less than good.

  • Rosei

    I’m eager to read the books, but now I’m out of money and wish I could receive another late holidays gift from my husband. He gave me gifts already and he is all furious because I suddenly decided to read the series. We watch the movie and I liked it and got curious enough to go through the books.

    Oh well..

    Have a great New Year, Kristine!

  • ruka

    dude, should have done like i did, and just read the last book. no need to read any others once you’ve got that one down!

  • shelli

    i wish id read the book first…then i would be reading it so much faster. im only in chapter 3 …i didnt realize id love the movie too much i only went for her. were both reading it…kerrin and i. im hooked i can just never find the time to read. weve got new moon already. yaaaye.