Random and Odd

this sums it up.

This pretty much sums up our whole Christmas break. It was spent reading the Twilight Series.
Dan brought the girls to see Twilight at the movies and Kara decided she needed to read the book.  She finished the book pretty fast, which is unlike her normal reading habits.  She became, shall we say, obsessed with it.
When she finished reading it, she nudged it towards me and I was pretty dead set AGAINST reading it for the simple fact that she was obsessed with it and me not reading it would drive her absolutely, stark raving mad.

She put the book on my bed and since I was bored I decided I would read the first chapter and then I could say, “I tried.”
Damn it if I didn’t finish the book in 5 hours.  I knew she finished the second book that day and was going to give it to her friend at school so she could read it over break.  So, I crept into her room and fished it out of her book bag.  I finished the book shortly after she left for school.  Now I would have to wait for her to finish the 3rd book before I could start it.  Damn it.  I had remembered that I bought her the 3rd book, but it was a Christmas gift.  I ended up opening it up and letting her read it so I could get my hands on it.
She finished it pretty fast and I started on it before we left for Redding.  It took me longer to read this one because I was stalling for Kara to make her way through the fourth book.
Now I finished the last chapter today and since Kara wasn’t reading her book, I decided to pick it up and get a head start. MAJOR MISTAKE.  She is almost half way through it and I am close on her heels.  She came into my room and said, “Mom, can I have the book back.”
I wanted to say, “If you can pry it out of my cold, dead hands!” (pardon the pun) but decided it was best if I let my daughter have her book back.  It’s a good thing she’s reading. Right?  So yeah.  Now I’m bored. WAITING to figure out what happens next.
Unlike her mother, she has to sleep. :)

I had no plans on reading the stupid books. Now I am wondering if I can scrounge up some money to go see the stupid movie.

Oh, and for those of you that have read them. I’m Team Jacob.