He’s Perfect for me!

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It’s been awhile since I have been able to get my favorite part of Christmas, an ugly Christmas Tree!
As mentioned on my blog, this year was sort of one of those ‘iffy years.
We weren’t really even sure we would send out Christmas cards.
Avoiding all the stores before Christmas, we snuck out around closing time to find a present for his office party. That’s when I saw they had Christmas trees for $9.99.
Our normal Christmas tree usually cost between 40-60 bucks.
My logical way of thinking was, “Since I hadn’t planed on getting a tree and since I’m spending so little to get a tree…it’s okay to get the tree I have been missing!”
I asked the guy to give me the ugliest tree they had!
The guy looked at me like I was nuts, which he had every right to. “We have these really nice ones over here.” He steered me towards the large Noble Fir trees.
“No, I want the ugliest one. I want the tree that no one else will buy.”
He laughed, but realized I was being serious. I would have to just show how dedicated I was, “Show me the tree that people have been making fun of and calling it the ‘Charlie Brown Tree.’ ”
He turned around and by this one pillar was this 6 footer that was missing nearly half of it’s branches on one side.  The gaps between the branches were ridiculous.
“That’s the one I want!  Now when my husband comes up he’s going to raise his eyebrows and convince me this is not a good idea.  Don’t let me cave in!”
As soon as Shaun came over to look at the tree I had picked and saw the enthusiasm I had for the ugly tree, he shook his head.  I instantly told the guy, “Bad idea, show me a nice tree.”
The guy would never make a good sponsor for an alcoholic, he let me cave in within second. “There is this big one right here!” he started cutting the twine off of it so he could show it’s magnificently perfect branches.
I kept staring back at the ugly tree.  I envisioned him with my big ugly bulbs that Shaun hate with all my dorky ornaments on it.  It would have truly made an ugly sight!
“Get the tree you want, Kristine.” Shaun said.
“I WANT THE UGLY ONE!!” I told the guy to stop cutting and put my ugly tree in the back of the truck.

With everything going on, we decided that we would have to decorate it this weekend. On Saturday I decided to do something I use to do all the time, years ago. I would ‘theme’ my tree.  This year, it was blue and silver.  Still my favorite was the year I had the tree done in plaids and reds, but this is pretty darn cute.

So 20 bucks in decorations, 40 ornaments, 250 plain white lights,and 36 feet of garland…we have our tree that will end our 2008 year.

My Great Ugly tree was a sport as he was layered with blues and silvers and he only once reminded me, ‘You know, those are sort of Dallas Cowboy colors.” and it only took threatening to not water him for him to never mention that little fact again.

Internet, this is Leo…my perfectly imperfect Christmas tree!

24 Responses to “He’s Perfect for me!”

  1. Leane Says:

    It’s beautiful!!!! :)

  2. vibrantandzany Says:

    Hahahaha, I love it!

  3. kimmyk Says:

    that is THE most beautiful-est Charlie Brown tree I have EVER seen!!!

    I’m so glad you got that tree. I would have been sad knowing that poor little tree was in the lot and no one wanted him. Now he has served his purpose….he’s beautiful!

  4. Michelle S. Says:

    Wow! It looks fantastic!! I love a tree with personality.

  5. Missy Says:

    This is the spirit of Christmas. I love it. Hello Leo, you look beautiful!

  6. Kimmy Says:

    LOVE IT! I think I just loved you a little more with the anti cowboys comment.

    Then I remembered that the raiders beat the shiznet out of my texans today, and it went away! LOL J/K!!!!


  7. connie Says:

    Your tree turned out looking very nice. My husband wanted to cut off the branches off of one side of our tree so it would fit up against the wall. I should have let him.

  8. shellieb Says:

    AWWW, I bet you made that tree smile on the inside. :)

  9. dashababy Says:

    It’s sparkly ;)

  10. No Dramas Says:

    The tree will shine more for the love he feels :)
    He is a beautiful tree!

  11. Renee Says:

    Cute. They all deserve a loving home. Not just the pretty ones.

  12. sheryl Says:

    I love Leo.

  13. Jen S Says:

    Oh! Leo is Fantastic! :-)

  14. traci Says:

    Leo is leaning…to the right!

  15. gypsygrrl Says:

    i LOVE him.

  16. Kimberly Says:

    I love him!!!!

  17. Christina Says:

    I love Leo! He’s awesome!

  18. Lulu Says:

    You did a fabulous job!!

  19. Maria Says:

    Leo is splendid.

    I’m crying over here.

  20. Kelly Says:

    This is the COOLEST idea– I may “copy” this idea next Christmas!

  21. ~Easy Says:

    Maybe Leo would like one of my old Cowboys jerseys?

  22. Sandy Says:

    So So Beautiful I love it. I alway’s wanted a Charie Brown Christmas tree. You picked the perfect tree. Sending lot’s of love and hug’s…..

  23. Monkey Says:

    I wished for you on the hnt blog. Make sure you stop by and check it out.


  24. kimmyk Says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Kristine!