Another Random and Odd Christmas!

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We neglected to decorate for Christmas.  I mean, I put out a new door mat and there is a undecorated tree waiting at the front door to come in from the cold, but it hasn’t been decorated.
We decided last minute to send Christmas cards.  We got the smallest amount possible because money is tight and it was going to be a ro-sham-bo on who filled them out and sent them.  I lost.
They finally got to their destinations today and I felt it was time to share with all my OTHER family (that’s you guys).

By the way, you all rock!  I’ve gotten more Christmas cards from readers than from anyone else. I feel guilty I didn’t send any out to anyone but family, but next year, I promise I will not only get the Christmas cards done early, I will rub each one on my lucky left boob before I put it in the envelope!  Deal?

Since I will be at the doctors all day tomorrow (spf) doing sonograms, mri’s and general probing the crotch and internal organs I won’t be able to play SPF.

SPF: Your Christmas Cards; Your favorite card. For those of you that don’t celebrate the Holly Jolly Day: A plant
(yes, I know I’m reaching…)
And BTW; for those you that suck at keeping track of the days, TOMORROW is FRIDAY!

20 Responses to “Another Random and Odd Christmas!”

  1. Monkey Says:

    That is such a great pic. :)

    Positive thoughts for tomorrow, that they find what they are looking for, or at least find something that they can fix to make you better.



  2. S Says:

    Seriously, that is an awesome picture!

    Good luck tomorrow! :)

  3. ~Easy Says:

    Will you rub my card on both boobs? I just hate for one of them to feel left out.

  4. Tutu Says:


  5. Melissa Says:

    that card…seriously…the greatest!

    Merry Christmas Random, Odd, and all the Oddities.

  6. jana Says:

    love the card, love it love it.

    I will post my card early this Friday, as I’m doing a cookie exchange with a bunch of 3rd graders.

    Merry Christmas and I am wishing you HEALTH for the holidays! :)

  7. Kimmy Says:

    I.LOVE.IT!!!!! If she were reading a RandomandOdd magazine I would have done a back flip. I’m totally stealing this idea next year BTW

  8. Maria Says:

    Love that card. I’m with ~Easy. I want my card rubbed on both boobs.

    Sending positive healing vibes your way.

  9. gypsygrrl Says:

    i love this card! it couldnt be any more perfect…
    happy holidays to you and your wacky family!

    we love you!

  10. Karen Says:

    That is a great card. Happy Holidays!

  11. christina ina Says:

    Best. Card. Ever! You really should just make your own cards next year, print ’em yourself or even email them… helluva lot cheaper. And creative!
    I “cheated” and posted my card from last year. You should be familiar…

  12. Rosei Says:

    That’s a very nice card! Really cute and all everyday life. I still haven’t my xmas tree up over here. It’s too hot (I’m in Brazil), I’m feeling tired and all blah-blah-blah about holidays.

    A great Christmas for you and family!!

  13. Michelle - the other one Says:

    Hands down. Best Christmas picture ever.

  14. Renee Says:

    It’s perfect! I wish I were that witty!

    A boob card sounds HOT!

  15. ~Easy Says:

    Oh, and I played. I’m a day late (and a dollar short), but I played. I’ll be around to see everyone on Monday as this weekend is filled.

  16. shelli Says:

    great pic! kdawg has those same pjs ur two little girls are wearing. tat pic is perrrrfectly fitting…lol

  17. Sandy Says:

    Great pic card :). From our family to your family we hope you guy’s have a very Merry Christmas…Sending you lot’s of love and Hug’s….

  18. Kelly Says:

    I SO love this card!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  19. ~Easy Says:

    I played…but I’m just now getting around to visiting every one.

  20. Maia Says:

    This picture is hilarious! I think it’s perfect. Overacted and perfect! :)