Random and Odd

Another Random and Odd Christmas!

We neglected to decorate for Christmas.  I mean, I put out a new door mat and there is a undecorated tree waiting at the front door to come in from the cold, but it hasn’t been decorated.
We decided last minute to send Christmas cards.  We got the smallest amount possible because money is tight and it was going to be a ro-sham-bo on who filled them out and sent them.  I lost.
They finally got to their destinations today and I felt it was time to share with all my OTHER family (that’s you guys).

By the way, you all rock!  I’ve gotten more Christmas cards from readers than from anyone else. I feel guilty I didn’t send any out to anyone but family, but next year, I promise I will not only get the Christmas cards done early, I will rub each one on my lucky left boob before I put it in the envelope!  Deal?

Since I will be at the doctors all day tomorrow (spf) doing sonograms, mri’s and general probing the crotch and internal organs I won’t be able to play SPF.

SPF: Your Christmas Cards; Your favorite card. For those of you that don’t celebrate the Holly Jolly Day: A plant
(yes, I know I’m reaching…)
And BTW; for those you that suck at keeping track of the days, TOMORROW is FRIDAY!

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