Random and Odd

Something I don’t normally do…

I don’t usually talk too much about other bloggers, because honestly I have lost contact with the blogs that I use to stalk on a daily basis. It saddens me and I had hoped that using a RSS feeder that it would solve the problem, but it didn’t.

There is a blog that I read about 2 times a week to catch up.  Her writing actually allowed me to be able to openly say, “Oh yeah, me too…I’m not fucking crazy.”  because for so many years I hid my anxiety because I always thought I was a freak of nature. The only other person I didn’t feel like a a freak around was my mom and sister, because they had it too. I thought it was some strange Seguin thing.  My sister doesn’t drive over bridges, my mom doesn’t drive at night. I don’t make a good passenger in a car because I’m like a cat trying to claw my way out. If I’ve ever ridden with you and I didn’t repsond that way it was because inside I was freaking out and not letting you see it.
There is a few people that I have NEVER had a problem riding with. I don’t know why those people are lucky enough to have a sain person in the car with them, but they are.  I personally like to be the driver. I am in control and if a the car in front of me decides it’s going to slam on it’s brakes, instead of trying to scratch my way through the back window, I am using all that energy to focus on the impact or cat like skills to avoid it.

Yesterday I got a call from the most awesome Kimmy who sent me the Ipod. Did I forget to mention the Ipod I got? You didn’t hear about the Ipod? Hmmm. You must not being paying attention, because the said Ipod will be mentioned for probably the next month. You will sicken of hearing about the Ipod.
So in the conversation she was talking about blogs we run the same circles in. Pissy and Recovering Straight Girl and another blogger named Susie (I have “Freaktard Suzie” and “Rats Ass Susie”, she has, “WAY COOL SUSIE.” –her names are not as orignial as mine!)
I asked her if she read Dooce and she said no.
It was one of those moments where you stop and go,  “Are you fucking serious?” It would be like finding out that someone didn’t know what Google was.
In the time we were on the phone I tried to give her a short synopsis of why I read Dooce and her story.  I realized, I have been reading her for so long that it would take too long to give her all the details.  In the beginning she was the woman who was fired for her blog, but now she’s so much more than that.  I mean, she wore cabbage on her boobs. These are stories you have to read to fully understand.
Her husband Jon, on two different occasions, has given me advice that he probably just thought was a just an email, but it really helped me through a rough time.
Don’t even get me started on how much I adore the true, raw, honest of her cousin, George.  I swear, If I could adopt someone, it would be George. I mean, what’s another person on my couch playing video games?
I know she needs no advertising, and I usually never even talk about bloggers, but I have met SO MANY totally cool people through her comment section (like 3 years ago?) and I am very grateful for those internet friends.

Then today I was thinking to my self, “How would someone describe me to someone that has never read Random and Odd from the beginning of this madness?”

I then realized, I picked the PERFECT name for my blog.  It’s all just Random and Odd.
How would you decribe yourself?
(if you’re looking for guy readers, throw in the words — big hooters — it works every time!)