Random and Odd


It’s always about the shoes.   These are currently my favorite.  Actually these are my second favorite shoes.
I bought a pair of knock off Ugg shoes (Emu brand) over the summer when they were ridiculously cheap.  I guess I better clarify what ‘cheap’ is for me, because people have a certain standard of what they will pay for a pair of shoes. If the shoe is over 25 dollars, I won’t buy them.   So ridiculously cheap was $13.00.   For the record, my former favorite shoes were $4.00.   Anyway, the ridiculously cheap Ugg wanna-be shoes were ‘borrowed’ by Kara today.  That means, they are somewhere in her room under a pile of clothes, wet towels and backback.

I so want to talk about the coolness of these shoes, because they are REALLY cool, but i’m going to make it quick because there is something SO much cooler that I am FUH-REAKING out about.  The shoes, they slide on, they look like slippers, but have shoe like quality. I started buying them a few years ago at Target and if you rush out right now, you can probably get yourself some, but once it gets cold..they are gone.

Okay, screw the shoes. I GOT AN IPOD TODAY! Kimmy decided out of the kindness of her heart to donate me an old one. I am FUH-REAKING out.  When I say FUH-REAKING out, I mean that in a more serious term than just straight freaking out. FUH-REAKING out involved about 2 hours of me just repeating the words, “OH MY GOD!”

When I opened the box and there was a friggin’ IPOD in there (the old school big ones that can now be used as a weapon) I hit the ceiling. “A FUCKING IPOD!”
Tyler was currently giving me instructions on how to play some Xbox game and the proper way to kill someone and actually paused the game to comment. “Who sent you a Ipod?”
“Kimmy, my blog reader. OH MY GOD!”
That’s when Alyx looked me and said, “I want to start blogging.”
One of Tyler’s friends who has no idea about Random and Odd said, “What the hell do you blog about that people would send you an Ipod?”
“Well, today I posted a picture of Halo kissing Tyler.  So uh, Random and Odd stuff.”

Did I mention the freaking out part? FUH-REAKING OUT.

Kara and Marina came in awhile later and they are both pros when comes to the use of an Ipod and had to show me how to put my music on it. They left their music in there too, just in case I remove the earbuds from my ears and they want to sneak it off to their room.  Kara and Alyx already have Ipods, but if the battery is dead, anyone that has musical devices are fair game.  Marina’s MP3 player got busted so she is next on the list to get one. (Marina reads R&O and she when she reads this is she is going to be squealing, so if you hear someone screaming…you know she just read that last line)

So being a complete Apple/Ipod/Mac moron,  after the girls went to bed I was left to fend for myself.

Text between Kara and I:

Kristine: Kara?
Kara: What did I do?
Kristine: The ipod says, ‘do not disconnect’ and i’ve been sitting here for hours to get to stop saying that, what do I do?
Kara: Unplug it, it’s fine

After unplugging it, I found the menu button, but couldn’t figure out how to scroll around in it.  I’m a pretty smart girl so I could figure it out. I just need to scroll my finger over the white button in the middle.  Nope.  Fuck it, I’ll figure it out later. Then after awhile I realized something really important. I had no idea how turn the thing off.
Mustering up enough courage to admit my moronic situation I went into the living room where there are three teenage boys. One texting at the speed of light, the other mastering Guitar Hero and the other one with large ear protection gear on his head like Mickey Mouse ears. I plopped down between the two that didn’t have a guitar and intense look of ‘i’ve got a chance at the high score’ look on his face.
“Alrighty, I have a few questions.  How do I scroll up and down on this thing.”
Texting Almighty leaned over and used his finger to scroll in a circle around the mysterious white button. “This is up, this is down.”  He was too nice to say, “Duh.” but it didn’t stop Mickey Head, “You’ve never used a Ipod before?”  I wanted to come up with some witty response, but I knew I was going to have to ask them how to turn it off.

Thank you so much, Kimmy!  I’m currently sitting here with my ipod playing in my ears.  You totally made my day, week, month.

I’ve had this big, ass dorky smile on my face all day and I have you to thank for that. SEE, I AM STILL GRINNING! You can’t see me grinning, but I am.
Today was a super fantastic day.  Everyday is better than the last one. You guys were all right, it can only get better and you know what…your prayers, kind words and possitive vibes have turned a corner in my life. Even though things aren’t perfect, I’m not even phased. I’m stronger than I thought I was. In fact tonight I had one of those rare moments where you laugh so hard you cry.  I was laughing so hard that I actually snorted!
Somedays are harder than others, but you know what? I am happy, really fucking happy…and now I have a soundtrack to go with the grinning and laughing!  THANK YOU RANDOM AND ODDERS!

(not checking for errors, I’ve gotta watch my show ‘Life on Mars’)

Alright, here’s the words you’ve been waiting for: Did you play?