The Long Awaited Picture!

As we were walking out the door for me to get Tyler to college I glanced back at him.
Three guesses on what shirt he WAS wearing before I fell to the floor cracking up, the first two don’t count.

He ran back to his room and changed his shirt out of the red one he wore the first day of his junior and senior year of high school into the classic black one he’s sporting in the picture.

Funny thing is, it didn’t even phase him as we were walking out to the car and I insisted he stand there so I can get a picture.  The children have been properly trained.

Later in the day my sister, Shaun and I went to see “The House Bunny”.  OMG. Hysterically funny. We all sort of thought it was going to be like “Legally Blonde”, but it wasn’t.  I laughed so hard and it was the type of funny that on the way home I was still cracking up.  Even Horror Movie Freak Shaun liked it.  It’s one of those, ‘see it twice’ funny movies.

Maybe I was just due for a long, hard, belly hurting laugh.

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