Shaun calls them African American Berries. He’s about being correct.

If you haven’t been Blackberry picking in your lifetime, you are missing out.

As a kid we would pick the wild ones that grew everywhere around town. They were thorny and you could cut an artery trying to reach in to get the big ones, but they were worth it.

Yesterday we went up to a farm that has pretty much grows everything.   We were let lose with baskets to put our bounty in.  THEM SUCKERS WERE HUGE! I was picking like a kid afraid that if I didn’t pick them all they would be gone forever!

It didn’t take long for our basket to be full of blackberries the size of my thumb.

Tyler ate his weight in berries as he was picking.  The sign said, “Testing is alright, but please do not eat handfuls.”  His theory was, “I am eating them one at a time, not a handful.”

We went to the store to pick up dinner and I stopped and priced the blackberries. For a tiny little container holding about 12 berries was $5.99.  That means, sitting in my kitchen right now is a $60.00 cobbler Kathy made and $140.00 with left over berries.

If you have a farm where you live where you can hand pick your own, go do it.  Soooo worth it.

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  • Casey

    I’d love to go picking berries at a farm. I think the closest place for us is an apple farm that is a 3-hour drive. I don’t like apples enough to warrant that trip. The blackberries look delicious! The price of berries in the supermarket is a royal rip-off.

  • jana

    There was a road out by farmland near my house where my dad would take us to go blackberry picking. Now it’s ‘illegal’. Darnit! That was so much fun. I would love to go do this again.

  • Christina

    I so miss picking berries! My dad used to take us for walks when we were little down S Cow Creek Rd in Millville and there were a ton of bushes! I didn’t mind cutting an artery, they were delicious!

  • Carmilla

    Berry season is long gone in TX. We have a Berry farm 45 minutes from us (Blackberries, strawberries and blueberries). So worth it and I love to get the kids out there. I want some cobbler now!