Random and Odd

Gambling runs in the family I guess…

When I was up visiting my mom, we dropped in on my auntie Shirley.

I had forgotten how funny she is. It’s been a long time since I had seen her in person and I the last time I saw her, it made me a little sad because she was recovering from being very sick.
This time was totally different. She was back to being silly, funny and witty.

I had convinced my cousin, Jimmy to take me to the attic, because I had never been up there because my other cousin, Benny told me there was a really mean ghost that lived up there. So from the time I could remember up until now, I had never even asked.
It wasn’t as big as I thought I was, but the spider webs were so big you could throw them on the bed and use them as a comforter.

The attic had boxes that had pictures. Precious, sweet, old pictures I had never seen before. Heaven. My aunt and mom told me the stories behind the pictures they could remember. We found pictures of family members we have no idea who they are. I asked if I could keep those pictures so I could stare at them and make up a story. I promised to write the stories for her and send them to her.

These pictures are awesome. I would love it if you want to help me write the story.

The picture above is of uncle Milt. He was a runner for a bookie. Isn’t this the greatest picture with all the elements of it? It’s neverending the stories in this one shot. I want to know the story of the person that took the picture. He, or she had to be a friend of his…maybe they yelled, “Hey Milt…” and time stopped for a split second while he captured this black and white. Why did he have his camera? What kind was it? Where was it taken? *sigh*