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Do you have one?

MY favorite auntie

Everyone, this is my Auntie Shirley. This was my mom’s partner in crime for so many years. She was also the best auntie a little tomboy girl like me could have ever asked for.

I have a million stories that involve “Aggie Naggie”, but the images of her are so much better than the stories.

She has this laughter…my GOD she could laugh. It wasn’t obnoxious and it wasn’t a ‘cute’ laugh, her laughter just filled you up. Hearing my mom and my Auntie in the kitchen of her old, old home was like a song. They laughed together. You could hear them talking and then in unison they would begin laughing. They harmonized. Laughter and continuing the joke and laughing even harder.

She is funny too. I can see why they laughed so much. My aunt has this sense of humor that complimented my mothers. They were both goofy and witty. They had stories to tell us about being young and running wild. I listened to the stories and watched the videos they played on the wall. The would laugh at each other and remember the time when…

My aunt was warm. When she hugged me it warmed me up. Our family is big on hugging and my aunt was no different. You know when you hug someone that is really good at hugging you kind of just slide into a nook and the hug makes you wish everyone’s hug could feel this good? Yep, that was Aggie, she could hug.

I haven’t seen my aunt in about a year. Mom sent me this picture yesterday and I just started laughing. My aunt was so cool. I know my kids are going to think the same thing about my sister. They already think there is nothing she can’t do. I wonder if when they grow up they will remember all the times they heard my mom, sister and I laughing and get the same warm fuzzies I do when I think of my Auntie.

I have two of these types of aunts, how about you?


  • Hippo

    Thats it. I’m nominating your blog, and the subsequent storyline, to VH1 so they can do a real, “real life.” All the characters are in place, city codes are broken constantly so we can get a variation of “cops” injected into the show. The crew can travel to Chico, or wherever the hell your mother lives to remote film “Random, Odd & True.” Speaking of Aunts one of my Aunts lives out near you, in Stockton, and teaches at Pacific. She comes back to Maine each summer and generally our conversations steer way clear of ideology, actually, I bite my tongue a lot and “yeah ok,” She is part of the Woymens studies program out yonder and thats just not my cup of bourbon. Nonetheless, your pics are awesome and keep me occupied way too much of a workday.

    Dr. H.O. Potamus

    PS: Thanks for the Pistol shot, camera shot that it. May I suggest blood red fingernail polish?

  • suburban*misfit

    Nope. My mom’s sisters…well, let’s just say one of them has that stick shoved so far up her ass that it practically comes out of her mouth. And she’s a fundamentalist Baptist from Mississippi. The other one, she’s just always sad.

    My dad’s sister died before I was born, but by all accounts she was fabulous. My dad’s brothers’ wives are OK, but nothing to write home about, y’know?

    I don’t have any sisters, but I have a best friend who fills the role very nicely. I’m sure my kids will have your auntie memories of our Foo.

  • The Fonz

    Your story here does bring back memories of yesterdays, Yeah we did have alot of fun together, we would go out hunting and sometimes even forget our guns, maybe its because we were to danm drunk or something like that but we didn’t care… We had fun in anything we tried to do, like i said not much to do up there in the mountains but we sure did find things to do . Thanks for putting this pix in of your Auntie even if she was coping a feel off the snow lady..Lol

  • Always a missift

    Yep! I have been blessed with a wonderful aunt who has been an important part of my life. She is very involved in my son’s life and the going’s on of my neices and nephews. She’s just a hoot to talk to and when we were both finding ourselves single at the same time (now that I am adult) we would sit around and dish about boys together.

    Thanks for todays post, it made my day a better one!

  • Ern

    I have one such aunt, and she is actually my mom’s foster sister. But she is the best. Whenever she and my mom are together, even when I was just a kid, I wanted to be in the room, because they laughed and laughed and had so much fun, and everyone just got to be themselves around the two of them.

    PS, the boobie snow lady is hysterical!

  • Tina

    Out of seven aunts I have one the rest are white trash. Cynthia see is the aunt that used to come to my house just to see if I had out grown any of my bras so she could have them. But the person that my mom was as close to as your mom and her sister was my Grandma. Now there are some stories.

  • glomgold

    Nope I don’t think I’ve got aunts like that. I did have a snowman I once made as a kid that was similar to the one in the photo though. Only we used moss for ‘pubes’. Good to see people who can retain their sense of humor past childhood!

  • Romani Heart

    My mom has two sisters. I was raised across the street from the oldest and while I was growing up, I thought she was a hoot. Then as I reached adulthood, she started calling me, in a drunken stupor, on Friday nights to tell me what a waste of breath I was.

    The younger sister always lived here in NC while the rest of us were in Virginia. Since I was only around her on holidays and short visits, I thought she was my new favorite aunt. She lived on top of a mountain, went camping, rode a motorcycle, how cool can ya get? Now that I live in the same town she does, I can’t stand to be in the same room with her.

    Could it be that it’s ME who’s getting harder to get along with over time?

  • Susie

    It was my white trash aunts who were the MOST fun. Guess that says something about my ethnic heritage — Hillbillian on both sides. Aunt Jessie and Aunt Geraldine were both characters, and both no longer with us. Raising hell in heaven;)

  • little sister

    I don’t have any aunts because both my parents only had brothers. A few aunts by marriage, maybe, but I didn’t get to know them that well. Forget my dad’s Welsh aunts – bitches on wheels, I tell you.

    But I’m half white trash on my mom’s side! She would crack up my sister and me with her sayings from Tennessee. Then the first time my daughter heard my mom say, “I got mah tongue all tangled ’round mah ah-teeth and ah couldn’t see whut ah was saying’,” my daughter laughed hard she had to hand me the phone so she could just lie on the floor and laugh it off. Then I was laughing and my mom was laughing. During those rare occasions when my mom, my sis, my daughter and I can get together, sometimes we just look at each other and giggle like idiots. It’s a great way to make my dad shut up and leave us alone!

    And as to my Welsh heritage, I think Wales is more like British Kentucky, which probably makes me 100% white trash ;-)