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Do you have one?

MY favorite auntie

Everyone, this is my Auntie Shirley. This was my mom’s partner in crime for so many years. She was also the best auntie a little tomboy girl like me could have ever asked for.

I have a million stories that involve “Aggie Naggie”, but the images of her are so much better than the stories.

She has this laughter…my GOD she could laugh. It wasn’t obnoxious and it wasn’t a ‘cute’ laugh, her laughter just filled you up. Hearing my mom and my Auntie in the kitchen of her old, old home was like a song. They laughed together. You could hear them talking and then in unison they would begin laughing. They harmonized. Laughter and continuing the joke and laughing even harder.

She is funny too. I can see why they laughed so much. My aunt has this sense of humor that complimented my mothers. They were both goofy and witty. They had stories to tell us about being young and running wild. I listened to the stories and watched the videos they played on the wall. The would laugh at each other and remember the time when…

My aunt was warm. When she hugged me it warmed me up. Our family is big on hugging and my aunt was no different. You know when you hug someone that is really good at hugging you kind of just slide into a nook and the hug makes you wish everyone’s hug could feel this good? Yep, that was Aggie, she could hug.

I haven’t seen my aunt in about a year. Mom sent me this picture yesterday and I just started laughing. My aunt was so cool. I know my kids are going to think the same thing about my sister. They already think there is nothing she can’t do. I wonder if when they grow up they will remember all the times they heard my mom, sister and I laughing and get the same warm fuzzies I do when I think of my Auntie.

I have two of these types of aunts, how about you?