Random and Odd

Well that just sucks…

Last night I didn’t sleep. In fact, I didn’t fall asleep until around 8 am and only slept for about 2 hours.
While not sleeping I watched 5 episodes of “Cold Case” and came to the conclusion, BEST MUSIC ON A TV SHOW. ever. period. no really.
On one of the episodes they played some old 70’s music and since I grew up in the 70’s it brought back awesome memories.  I decided to write down all the songs on that episode and check them out when I had some sleep.

Anne Murray, 10cc and Dr. Hook.  Someone in my house as a kid loved some Dr. Hook, because strangely I know nearly all the lyrics to most of their songs.  I don’t know how I know, I just do.  Kinda like learning the alphabet or something.

I have come to realize I am one of those people that live in music that is familiar to me.   I am happier when the first beats to a song like, Anne Murray’s Broken Hearted Me come on and I’m brought to this weird place were there is a memory, but I can’t pin it to anything…but that familiarity of it makes me comfortable.
America’s Tin Man….  Who in my house listened to this song on repeat because whenever I hear that one I’m like, “Whoa…I know every word of this song, but have no idea who sang it or what the name of the song was.”
There is all this music locked in my brain that I know, but have no idea who it belongs to.  So begins my mission.  Last night I was reunited with Leo Sayer.  Did you know that he is a HE and not a she? Cause the songs he sings, sounds like a woman.

There is one band I know and I love.  Dr. Hook.  I didn’t want to put them on the CD I was making because I have over listened to Dr. Hook in the last 30ish years.  The song I picked though, would fit into this CD perfectly.  Somehow I ended up looking up something about the band and for the last 5 hours have been engrossed in the history.  I found songs I had never heard before.  Then I got on YouTube because on the forums there was talk of a video of them singing with Shel Silverstein on his houseboat with Shel playing the harmonica. Very home movieish.

And then…and then…I found the most sickening thing EVER: Bon Jovi murdering “Silvia’s Mother”.

*holding back vomit*

The man who sings Silvia’s Mother is Dennis Locorriere.  This was written about him and can be found on his website; “the underlying turmoil, which I always hear in Dennis’ voice and the underlying sub-text that his intensity presents…”
YEAH…what he said!

His voice is haunting to me.  Even watching hours upon hours of YouTube video and seeing them in all states of mental capicity, I was always drawn to this small part of Dennis’ voice…I want to believe it was the real part of him that the drugs couldn’t hide.  It’s painful, haunting and raw.

Bon Jovi (and don’t get me wrong, I loves me some Richie) had no right even thinking they were in that league.  MAYBE they could have done something like, ‘Cover of Rolling Stone’, but no…they jumped into the deep end and thought they could pull that off.
Don’t believe me, google them and listen to the gap of emotion between the two singers.

The first time I watched, “Almost Famous” I thought it was about Dr. Hook.  In the movie they sing a few bars of their song and I was freaking out because, “MAYBE I AM RIGHT??” probably not.  Either way, if I wasn’t like a year old when they were playing the music I love in a forum I would have loved, I would SO have been a Dr. Hook Groupie. True words. I might have had a mad crush on the lead singer.

In the process of looking up crap, I found Limp Bizkit doing a remake of “Behind Blue Eyes”…it was really good.  See there? I am not one of those people that believe in ‘originals only’…

There has to be a song out there that was covered by someone else and you almost tossed your breakfast after hearing them slaughter it…right?

right?  *tapping monitor*  maybe a good cover?