As if…

Later the same night that I posted the last entry, Tyler comes bursting into my room and going straight for my clean towels.

“Tyler! What are doing?”
“I’m getting a towel.” He looks at me like he’s about to say, “Here’s your sign.”
“WHY?” My voice has risen to the level that only dogs can hear.
“Because the dog barfed on the floor.”

Uh. Straight A student. Honor roll. Advanced classes. Complete idiot.

“WHY ARE YOU USING MY CLEAN TOWELS TO CLEAN IT UP?”  I can’t even understand my own voice anymore.

and then he does something that changes every fiber in my being.  HE looks at ME, like I am the stupidest person in the whole world. His eyebrows pinch together so tightly as if he is worried about my mental health because If I just asked that question, there must be something truly and deeply wrong all the way to my core.
He shakes his head at me, throws up his arms and says SO matter of fact, “Because there are NO dirty towels to use.”

Of course. Silly me. Use my clean towels to clean up dog barf.

I was just going to use it to clean up after sex anyway.

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  • randomandodd

    this is my dramatical reenactment:


  • shellibells

    Eeiiiiw! LOL

    HE’s gonna walk in your room one day and see 7 towels on the floor (dirty) and say to himself…

    DAYYYAYAAM!!!! they been busy!


  • Kristie

    The TOWEL issue!! I’ve had the same one with Ryan for YEARS now! “Hang up the towel you just used..use it a few times..it’s your own cooties anyway.” What is it with teenage boys? It’s a bit better now..I don’t argue about it anymore..it’s a waste. He does his own laundry…though just recently I decided to venture in his room and found dirty 13 towels! ugh…..GOOD LUCK :o)

  • Kristie

    OH! And about cleaning up dog barf with a towel that’s clearly meant for the clean, human body??!! Oh HELLS NO!! Use a garage towel or a whole freakin’ roll of paper towels..NOT my house towels!! That would constitute the irresponsible-non-thinking party to buy me a whole new set!

  • Jennifer

    You’re not alone. My step-son is the same way…maybe they were separated at birth. I regularly look at my husband and ask “did you smell that funky when you were his age? were you that disgusting when you were 15?” His answer is consistently “no”. But who really knows…

  • Rob

    My kids walk around any cat barf..to think that they themselves, would ever have to clean up such a pile, would simply ruin them. :) Amanda gets grossed out cleaning dishes that others ate from. She gags..even at her own. Oh the spoiled children I am raising.

  • Kris

    is it wrong that i am rolling on the floor laughing? i found this quite hilarious…and i apologize if i am being rude!

  • Mary

    short time reader…long time knower…………….I love the seguin in you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • dashababy

    They have this really nifty invention, its called PAPER TOWELS!!!! Why in the world would the kid use a regular towel!!??? Don’t kill him, you could go to jail.

  • MrsDoF

    I knew my home life would be nasty when, one week after the wedding, my dear husband picked up a towel, a brand new towel just out of its wedding gift box, and began wiping down a piece for a VW Beetle’s carburetor….. the very same part he had disassembled all over the dinner table.

    Oh yeah, the last 27 years have seen some doozies….