Random and Odd

Open Letter to the Boy,

Do you remember 2 months ago when we all sat down and went over the ‘towel’ issue we were having? You know, the one where ALL the towels end up in your room, under all your stinky, teenage funk? Do you remember the solution we came up with? The one where we all get our own towels, we use that towel, we hang it up and after a couple of uses we then wash our own towels?

I thought it was all going quite well until this morning when you snuck into my room and tried to take one of the towels that is MINE.  The one I used the night before, dried my body with, hung up on the rack and left to use again.

So apparently the thought of using one of my used towels isn’t enough to get you to use and wash your own towels, I am going to throw this out there:
All the towels in MY room, be they on the floor, hung up or even folded under my bathroom cabnet…all those towels…in MY room…have been used to clean up after hot, steamy love making between your father and I.
Hopefully that mental image of all those towels you have been stealing from my room and wiping your clean body with will get you to think twice before you break the ‘towel rule’.

And if that doesn’t work, from this point on, I am going to start sleeping in the nude with no covers, so when you sneak into my room in the morning to steal the towels, socks or whatever else your heart desires…You do NOT know what your innocent eyes will have to see.   I will not pay for the therapy you will need to erase those images.

Alrighty then, have a good week Boy.