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Friday Fill In — Fond of Snape

I decided since i’ve had the laptop for almost a week and it hasn’t crashed, that I should start re-adding all my stuff and catching up on Blogs.

There has been a few emails in my inbox requesting that we bring back Stuff Portrait Friday.  I’m not ready to commit to it, but it’s not out of the question.  Give me time.

I will try to participate in some of the day-themes out there though.  I can’t promise that I will be able to do it all the time, but when I can I will promote the hell out of your blog.
This week I decided to do Fond of Snape’s ‘Fill In Friday‘.

1. I’m looking forward to Having Coffee with Rob  next week.
2. I don’t handle teenaged girls bickering and getting snotty with each other very well.
3. French Fries is something I could eat every day.
4. Warmth and sunlight dictates how my mood is going to be.
5. Destination Weddings here I come!
6. I will probably never have a tattoo(s).
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to taking pictures of the girls breaking boards in Karate, tomorrow my plans include HOPEFULLY going to the Preston Castle and Sunday, I want to get a professional massage, but that won’t happen!

I am working on a few different posts. One is about Absent Fathers. If you have any insite on that subject, please email me.  Another is a post about  Hope’opotomus (story to come later)

Have a fantabulous weekend.

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  • Maria

    My #3 would be cheese, garlic, mushrooms.
    My #4 would be exactly the same as yours.
    My #6 would be NEVER. :-)
    My #7 is that I’m looking forward to the end of a long, stressful work week and my tomorrow and Sunday will likely be spent in the office. I do hope to make spaghetti and meatballs this weekend. I need comfort food.

    Have a great weekend.

  • Alissa

    absent fathers who are absent because they ran away, or absent fathers who would rather not be absent but work so much that they really are? Because if it’s the second option, my DH would certainly qualify…

  • Liza

    My insight on absent fathers is obviously from my own experience. I know and love my father very much, but it as an ugly divorce when I was just a couple months old and my mom pretty much hated my dad so much that she refused to let him see me as much as she could, so his absence when I was little was not his fault. I didn’t realize that he was my dad until I was about five. I called my neighbor guy dad when I was little because my friends, his kids, called him dad. I did get to go see my dad once in awhile, but I never realized he was my dad.

  • Janet

    That castle is gorgeous! The picture on the URL, the time exposure one with the stars moving through the sky…awesome!

    As for Absent Fathers…my Dad was extremely present in my life (and still is), if a bit weird (it’s where I get it from) and as I’ve not been able to have kids, it’s not applicable there.

    Thanks for playing, Kristine :-)

  • WaywardGoddess

    My husband is an absent father. We’ve been living this way for 8 long years. He travels all the time for work. He is home on average 2-4 days a month and those are not always consecutive.
    What sucks is, the kids have gotten so used to him not being here that when he is here, they have their own things going on and don’t care that he is checked out. It’s become a vicious cycle. He comes home and because he isn’t used to dealing wit the kids, he just doesn’t. They are used to him not being here so they don’t try to interact. He’s just an extra body for the weekend. I don’t mean to make him sound so bad, it’s this damn routine we’ve fallen into. We are trying really hard to break it. We’re moving a a few months so that he can have a regular office job and be home every night.

  • traci

    Insight about absent fathers? I don’t know that I have insight but I grew up with one and now my daughters are growing up with one…the $%$@!

  • jana

    we have #3, #4, and #6 in common.

    I am looking forward to this crazy week being over!

    And I hate listening to ‘tweenagers’ bickering and being snotty as well. But hey, they learn it from somewhere and when I watch those moms in carline I know from where!!!

    Have a good weekend too!

  • Lisa

    Get the massage, Kristine. It will be awesome.

    As far as absent fathers go– my son has one of those. And I think that even if you say it doesn’t hurt, it still does. Everyone wants the love and attention of their parents. Your kiddos are so lucky to have you, well- all of you- Shaun and Dan too.

  • Melissa

    No insight on absent fathers, but I’d be an excellent resource for shitty bio moms. Or absent, given the day – I wish the absence were more frequent, to be quite honest with you. Does it have to be limited to fathers? :)

  • justme

    I didn’t see a email link anyplace! It’s probably just me lol. Not enough coffee yet. My children are living with a absent father. Five years now. He just decided one day he didn’t want to do it and disappeared. Quit his job and vanished. Email me and let me know what you are working on. I would love to know!!!

  • Josie

    Defintely get the massage. Well worth it.
    As for absent Dads – my son has one. The man lives 30 minutes away and only sees him if my kid calls to make the plans. No child support either.
    Has this hurt my son’s growth? No. He has always had my cousins as male role models. He also figured out his Dad a long time ago. The only person who has lost out in this is his father.