Random and Odd

Because Twitter only allows 140 characters and no pictures…

My tooth exploded.  Okay, it just FEELS like my tooth exploded.  I was trying to get something dislodged from that little cavity in my tooth that I have been ignoring and pretending wasn’t as bad as it was.  When I did that whole sucking and pushing air around, ZAP…the nerve went from ‘snoozing’ to HELLO, I AM RAW AND THROBBING!
I guess it’s time to call the dentist.

I found our wedding disc today. I lovely went through all 600 plus pictures.  This one was one of my favorites that I didn’t post with the original set.  He was laughing at me for some reason or another.  Ahh, back when he use to think I was funny.
Yeah, back when I was funny.

I went through my blogroll. I deleted a bunch of people that I had no idea who they were. As I was going through my Sage feed, I realized…who are these people?

So tell me..who are you? How old are you? When is your birthday? kids?  dogs?  cats? Ex’s? what do you have to say to me?

It’s Thursday right?

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.


  • Justine

    woot i’m first!
    15 september.
    1 dog (just recently lost another)
    3 cats.
    no kids.. but i like reading about yours!
    i want to say i’m sorry i’m such a lurker. that and when i get to the big USofA (i’m an Aussie) i’d love to meet you.. if it ever happens.. yay. i heart your writing..
    go hard coz you’re obviously the most awesomely awesome.
    think that covers it.

  • kimmyk

    Names Kim but my peeps call me KimmyK or KK for short. How old am I? 40. My birthday is next month-March 30th. Ugh. I’m getting old[er]. Got 2 kids. Adam and Abbie. Adam is 15 and Abbie is 14. Both share birthday’s in May. I got me 2 dogs. Both beagles-Dan and Maggie. Dan’s almost 4 and Mags, she turns 2 in June or July I think. I don’t have any cats-Adam’s allergic to ’em. No ex’s either. Or at least not yet. What do I want you to know? Dude, I *heart* you!!!

    Guess that’s it. I love the photo. You look happy. I think I like your hair darker like it is now better. Both are pretty though.

    Finding old pics are like a present aren’t they? Good stuff!

  • Ferngoddess

    Well so many questions. I am Fran , I’M 37 and my birthday is Sept. 4 and I live in Antioch, TN which is a subburb of Nashville. I am not married and never have been still looking for that one right guy. I have no kids. My sister just moved back to town and in with me she brought her two cats Linus and Lucy with her I am a long time reader and one of your myspace friends. I think you are funny as hell. I love reading your blog. Oh ya go to the denist. I am never going to be ready to run that marathon.

  • Alissa

    Alissa, 33. Birthday is August 15, 1974. I have two boys, Drew (6) and Nick (4). Currently no dogs, 2 indoor cats, and one outdoor cat. Also a hamster and a tank full of fish. One husband, no ex-husbands.

    I read your blog almost daily, but rarely comment. I’m sorry about that. I’m just a bad commenter!

  • Liza

    i love that picture, very cute!

    so i’m not the only one with tooth trouble! over the weekend one of my wisdom teeth broke and now after the baby is born i have to have my two remaining wisdom teeth pulled – yuck! i hope your teeth feel better :)

  • Liza

    oh and i’m liza. i’m 27. birthday sept 13. married since aug 12 2006. i think that’s my anniversary. ya it is. i’m bad with dates. due with the first baby mar 13 but you knew that already. and you did have my blog on your blogroll but it was not a free one so i had to switch when i got poor last year so my new blog is http://cavaland.blogspot.com.

    i have one dog. wriley. she’s rad. and three cats. abbey, payton, hailey. they aren’t as rad as wriley. just collected them over the years and now i’m stuck with ’em. but they’re cute.

    and here’s what i have to say to you. You are as rad as my dog.

  • msbatman

    I’ve been here before, actually I’m here everyday, but don’t always comment. I have 3 kids, I have to possessed ex-husbands, I have a honey who has 2 kids that I claim as mine. And I have a Nikon D70 that I love love love.

    I’ve been through a lot of dark times in my life and you’ve been there via my blog, and I can not say thank you enough for the support and concern.

  • CrazyRN (Brooke)

    I’m Brooke, I’m 31.8, my bday is June 10th, I have 1 husband of 10 years, 2 daughters (11, 10) and 1 son (7). I’m a registered nurse, I work the nightshift from 7p-7a and I suffer from horrible insomnia when I’m not at work, which is when I normally read your blog! LOL! I have 2 spoiled siamese cats, 1 fat guinea pig & 1 noisy parakeet!

    You inspired me 2 years ago to invest in a good camera and follow a passion. I love looking at your photographs and learning more from you!

    I think it’s Thursday, but I’m not 100% sure! LOL!

  • Tricia

    I’m Tricia. I’m (ugh) 33, my birthday is Nov. 3. I am married to my high school sweetheart, we have been married for 10 years. We have 2 boys, Logan is 7 and Dylan is 5. We also have a dog–he’s a Jack Russell named “Jack” he is 8. We have a cat–his name is “kitty” and he is 12. (yes, I know..our pet names are SO original..amazing we didn’t name the kids boy 1 and boy 2!)We live in Dayton, Ohio. My husband is a maintenance Technician at a large apartment complex and I work part-time from home doing appointment setting.
    I have been reading your blog for at least 2 years now..but don’t think I have ever commented. I love hearing all about you and your family!!

  • Breeda

    Breeda, turning 46 May 18. Two boys 25 and 23 two girls 22 and my baby turns 19 in April. 1 gorgeous fabulous granddaughter 19 months. 1 soon to be ex husband and 1 soon to be husband. (I think one has to be done before the other!) I’m from Ireland, love your blog and wish you lived in Ireland so you do my wedding photos.

  • Melanie

    Am I still a lurker? I don’t comment much but read everyday and you know who I am.

    Just in case, Melanie from Idaho. I am 35, 36 in June but I am pretty sure I will fall apart by then. We also have five kids, four of the girl variety and one lonely boy. Our family shares the bohemian rhapsody obsession with y’all. Four Cats…who think they are human. All the ex’s are buried in the backyard. I am pretty sure it is Thursday although I did have to check my calendar to find out.

  • WaywardGoddess

    I’m so glad I survived the blogroll sweep, lol

    I’m Kim
    32 – I think, hold on lemme do the math…Yep, 32
    Birthday is April 13th (The I’ll be 33). Love being an aries, it’s the coolest of the signs.
    We have 2 blue dumbo rats named Hamlet and Graham, and a shelter mutt dog named Daisy. She looks to be boxer and something. Its the something that we aren’t sure about. Could be pit, could be lab, could be American Bulldog (that’s what the shelter said but I think “bulldog” sounds better than “pit” so that’s what they went with.)
    I have 3 kids, Conner 13, Leigh 11. and Griffen 8. Just celebrated my 11yr wedding anniversary. I have one “ex” – Conner’s bio-father (my husband adopted Conner a few years ago). We were never married (Thank you Baby Jesus), but I think I earned the right to call him an ex.
    I’m not sure when I stumbled on your blog. It was before you married Shaun. I read everyday (or close to it anyway). I think you and I would be friends if we lived on the same street. Well, maybe not, I don’t talk to my neighbors. I should work on that. I think the best thing about internet friendships is if you have to move you can take your friends with you.

  • superchick

    Name: Superchick
    Age: 28
    Bday: 10/10/79
    Dogs: 3 Lab mix rescues
    Cat: 1 – He lives in the barn and keeps the mice outta my horse feed
    Exs: 1 – ex-fiance. psycho. druggie. felon.
    Kids: 4 step-daughters (14, 11, 9, 6)

    Been reading you since shortly before you married Shaun….I got married right around the same time. I am absolutely jealous of and amazed by how you and your husband get along with both sets of exs. My husband’s exwife is a doozie…

  • Allisone

    I’m Allisone, mid 30’s transplant to Philadelphia’s main line from down south. (Live in the same general area as MainLineMom)
    Born October 23
    One 13 year old daughter and One 8 year old Siberian Husky.
    One ex that I don’t talk about much. One wonderful husband of the last 3 years.
    What I want to say to you:
    I greatly admire your strength. I know you don’t always feel strong, but I am amazed.
    -one of your biggest cheerleaders

  • Silke

    My name is Silke (Cilka), 30. Birthday is 29th September. No kids, just the lovliest stepdaughter in the world. No dogs, but a black cat. One Ex, nice guy living in Vienna. YOU rock! I love your photos, I live your blog, I love your humor!

  • Therese

    Name’s Therese. Birthday December 14, age 46. Three living sons, one deceased daughter. One very bad Weimeraner doggie. No exes, still with the same one after 25 (almost 26) years.

  • Supermommy

    My name is Cori, 32 (33 in June), Married to high school sweetie. Have 2 ex’s. Have 3 children, hoping for one more, 3 step children, one dog, one cat. We have 5 girls and 1 boy. Ages 14 (boy), 12, 10, 9, 6.5, and 4 girls. Love to do things outdoors (ATV riding, camping, fishing). I am a Girl Scout leader, he is a Long Haul Truckdriver and a Boy Scout leader that I fill in when he is gone.

    Love to read about your family. Sorry for lurking without comments. Sometimes I find it difficult to find words.

  • san

    Thank God I wasn’t deleted from your blogroll. We should have coffee sometime.

    Sandra, 31, birthday march 10, no kids, no dogs, two cats [from our roommate].

    what i have to say to you? you rock.

  • barnmouse

    My name’s barnmouse, but you can just call me “mouse”…everyone does! Sometimes I make this little hiccup noise that I guess people think sounds like a mouse. I’m 26 and my birthday is June 18th! :) I have 2 cats and 1 dog, who is employed as the quality control director of my dog treat business. He loves his job! I don’t have any kids, but my hubby can act like one sometimes! Hee! I’m having my house reappraised right now so keep your fingers crossed!! :)

  • Rita

    40 – Birthday December 13
    No kids – 3 cats, Foxy, Pumpkin and Powder
    No ex’s but finally after 40 years met the most wonderful person who I’m hoping is in fact the elusive “one”…
    I live in Toronto and have been a reader of your site for about a year.

  • Lisa

    First of all, I love that picture. Secondly, you are still funny, Kristine.

    I de-lurk once in a while, but I keep up with you on Google Reader and Flickr (which you rock!)

    Lisa- just turned 38 two days ago so that would make my birthday February 26. One 15 year old son, one beagador dog and many exes in my wake. :)

    What do I have to say to you? I love how you are real. Thank you for that. It’s an inspiration. And I hope to become even close to the great portrait photographer that you are…someday. Even if you are a Nikon family, you rock!

  • The Q

    The blog that you used to have for me (SoozieQ) is defunct. I mooooooved.

    I’ll be (shit how old am I?!? ::::counting on fingers and toes::::) 37 on St. Patrick’s Day.

    No kids, 1 dog (the Freaktard) and 5 cats. Currently married so no ex-hubby (yet. Heh. I kid)

    Yes, it’s Thursday. I hope whoever was messing with your computer time stamp was properly beaten.

  • Heather

    Hi,,, Live in Florida, 34 , birthday 9-15, married, 2 boys 11 & 13. 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 parrot. I read your blog everyday…

  • Just a girl

    27 years old, 2 kids – one running and one flying. Kelly’s 8, Nick would be 5. I live in Paradise, better known as Florida’s Gulf Coast. 3 cats, Foxx, Chance and Church.

    Today is only Thursday but if this cold doesn’t feel better tonight, it will have been my Friday.

  • Michelle

    Michelle – formerly known as Smoochdog now know as theliterarymouse
    10 october 1971
    1 dog
    1 husband
    1 brother and sister in law
    1 neice who I ADORE
    no kids.. yet ;)
    love my job, books, reading, writing, looking at great photos, reading great blogs and trying everyday to be a saner calmer person
    Love love love your blog.

  • Carey

    Me=long time lurker. 34 yo Special Ed teacher of elementary age students. One husband who came with one daughter. Now we have one 2 mo. old baby boy. One cat named Daisy. My son and I are both Capricorns and my husband is a Sagittarius. Can’t remember step-daughter…her bday is 10/16. I love to keep up with your random life. I think I came across your blog by typing in the word random as I use it ALL the time. I live in Indianapolis IN.

  • themuttprincess

    So tell me..who are you? The Mutt (you can call me Heather)
    How old are you? 28
    When is your birthday? June. The entire month every year.
    kids? 1
    dogs? 2
    cats? 2
    Ex’s? Unfortunatly. They suck.
    what do you have to say to me? I love that picture! You are very gorgeous!

  • ~Easy

    who are you?
    I’m E. C. Gordon, but most people call me Easy (Although you’re one of a handful who knows my real name)

    How old are you?
    <My snappy answer would be that I’m old enough to know better and young enough not to care. (OK. OK. *sigh* I’m 45)

    When is your birthday?

    2 that I know about. Both are girlies. 1 just turned 13 and eht other is almost 10

    Currently just 1

    Not at the moment

    See above

    what do you have to say to me?
    Uhhmmm. . . hi?

  • deneen

    I am Deneen.
    I am 42
    September 21
    I have 4 girls
    One 8 week old yellow lab named Belle
    Working on it
    I need some Blistex right this very moment-I hate it when that happens

  • Karen B

    Hi, I tend to be a lurker and my name is Karen. I am 41 (til Dec) and my birthday is Dec 18th … rock on Sagittarians. I live in Southeast Texas and the weather is freakin gorgeous here right now. I have a son who is 16 and learning to drive … pray for me. I’ve never been married, but have plenty of X-men in my … X-men? *giggle* Men who are ex’s in my life. I have three indoor cats (Mikey 18, Buttons 2 & Tink 1) and one dog (Neffie 1).

    Kristine you are a wonderful person and someone I would love to meet. I may not comment often but I stop by every day. Believe me when I tell you that you are much stronger than you think.

  • Monkey

    you know who i am, and have even met me in person once…you took pics of my kids…
    name: monkey
    age: 29
    bday: 7/15
    kids: 7 of them
    dogs, cats: no
    ex’s: yes, one male and one female
    what i have to say: we should all get together and bbq…it would be fun… :)


  • Fantastagirl

    So tell me..who are you? Fantastagirl.

    How old are you? 32

    When is your birthday? March 25
    kids? 2 – Pan is 7 and Tink is 5
    dogs? 1 – NoSammyNo, our broken mini-doixie

    what do you have to say to me? I’ve been reading you since before I was Fantastagirl, but don’t always comment, as I don’t have the right words. But I have loved reading about your family, seeing the pictures of your beautiful kids.

    It’s Thursday right? yep for three more hours.

  • casey

    Lurker here. I’m Casey and I’m *gulp* 43 years old. December 15th is my birthday and I have two kids (almost 6 years and just turned 3). I have a dalmatian and three cats.

    I rarely ever comment but I do read often.

  • Tutu

    Jeez, am I the oldest here? At least I made the blogroll. I am 58, 3 grown kids, 2 beautiful grandbabies.
    Birthday is January 19.
    The dog and cat are chasing bunnies and mice in another sphere.
    I am still on my first husband, it just seems too tiring to break in another one.

  • Dave Vogt

    I use my real name on the internet (usually). Is that strange?

    My name is David Vogt. It was my dad’s name too, but I’m not named after him, and I’m not a Jr. My mom said she picked the name when she was little. Any nickname you like that’s not Davie (retired) or Davey (reserved for exclusive use) is fine with me.

    My mother will be 50 in September. I say that to temper the fact that I’m 22, born on 1 September, which so far as I can tell makes me the youngest here by at least 5 years.

    I have a cat, but she lives back home in NY at my mother’s house. I can’t afford pet rent :-( plus she’s 7 now and has lived there all her life. I don’t think I could move her.

    My last roommate had a dog. I love him dearly. If for any reason she couldn’t keep him anymore I would do anything in my power that he could come live with me. This is why I will get a local phone number, I keep the same cell as I had when I first met her.

    I have no children. I can say that with a unique degree of certainty.

    I have one ex. He lives in Indiana now (which is a considerable part of why he’s my ex) but we still see each other when we’re home for holidays. He’s still quite welcome in my family, and I hope I enjoy the same privilege with his.

    What more do I want to say? I don’t know, I already feel like I’ve said a whole lot. If there’s anything else to be known about me it’s at http://log.davedot.com/about/author/hundreds/ . I love reading your stuff. I wish I could write as openly as you do, but I’m scared. I have so many judgments in front of me, from grad school applications to job interviews, plus my family reads my blog. I really admire you.

  • Maria

    I love that photo.
    Who are you?
    How old are you?
    When is your birthday?
    in June, but I haven’t celebrated a birthday since I was 9

    Kids? 0

    Primariy caretaker for my mother’s 3 dogs

    what do you have to say to me?
    Love you!

  • Annejelynn

    HI! well, while trying to catch up, there’s a post from January that I wanted to comment on, but it seems the comments might be closed… anyhow, it was your puppy on your bed, which has the same duvet cover from Ikea that WE have! Nyce taste, babe! Now that it’s getting warmer here though, kitties beginning to shed, it’ll get put away soon if only for the fact that we don’t use the down duvet once it warms up! But yeah, nyce.

  • Janet

    I’m fond of Snape (also pirates, specifically Captain Jack Sparrow; rum; diet A&W rootbeer; mac & cheese; sushi; Scotland; Paris; my dog Wolf; oh, and YOU!). I’m 50! June 22, whatcha gettin’ me? No kids (couple of miscarriages & a tubal, does that count?). I have two beautiful and amazing dogs, Wolf & Max. No cats right now, but I have had cats in the past; most recently, Molly & Jasper, both passed (Jasper at 10, Molly at 18). I have SO many Ex’s it would fill up your comments…so I’ll just stick with 4, two ex husbands (Blake & Lou) (cause tradition dictates you mention the ex husbands) and two ex boyfriends (Michael and Calvin) (my first true love and my last true love). And what I have to say to you is this: Stay well, stay happy, get that tooth fixed and bring back the Friday Photo thingymabob!!!

  • sometrouble

    I lurk almost everyday. I used to be on your blogroll…but you deleted me. *sniff* I guess I should say something more often to get your attention! I am Emily, I write http://sometrouble.blogspot.com

    I am 24 years old. I am usually the youngest among my friends. I am the youngest among my co-workers. That makes me feel self-conscious, when everyone exclaims that I am “just a baby!” I will be 25 in less than a month on March 25th. Hooray for lower car insurance!

    I have been married one year and nine months, we don’t have any kids…but are planning to someday.

    No dogs either…maybe someday…after the kids.

    I have two cats, Cato and Oscar (the grouch)…two is better than one. They are chasing each other up and down the hall as i type this.

    I am passionate about coffee, photography, web-design, knitting, reading, chocolate, drawing, yummy foods, technology, figuring things out, DIY projects, and chemistry (not necessarily in that order).

    I have to tell you that I miss SPF too.

  • Stella

    I am Stella! I am 29, married with four kiddos. Have been married to my high school sweetheart for 13 years. I know, nuts huh? We are a military family, currently enduring our second deployment.

    When I can’t sleep at night because he’s not here, I visit your blog and laugh my bum off!! Or cry, depends on your post. I really love your blog :)

  • KimmyK

    I love that picture – it is great
    I am MBKimmy – from Myrtle Beach I am married to a wonderful man Andy. We have a beautiful daughter – Tatum whom I wish you could come take photos of! We also have another on the way – due August 21st. I was norn in May of 75 and I feel like I am 75

  • LazyLightning

    April 16
    No kids, no dogs, 2 cats
    One ex

    I’m SUCH a lurker these days, a rebel without a blog too. But I’m still here.

  • Deb

    Who are you?
    Deb in WA – soon to be in CA

    How old are you?

    When is your birthday?

    4 kids: two I birthed myself & two I love as if I did birth myself.


    3: Syd, Izzy & Delilah

    yup -1

    What do you have to say to me?
    I love your writing and photography. I really admire your ability to express yourself even when you are hurting. You have your down days but you appreciate the up days. Sometimes when I read, my heart aches for you but mostly I am glad for you.

    So – I’m gonna go back to lurking now… :]

  • Undercover Mutha

    Hi Kristine,

    My name is Mutha, and I think you may know me as the blogger formerly known as…nevermind.

    I have one kiddo, no ex-husbands, but more ex-boyfriends than I’d like to admit. I turn the big 3-0 next month. I would really like to hide under my bed until it’s over.

  • MrsDoF

    So tell me..who are you?
    My online name is MrsDoF because my husband is a Decrepit Old Fool, even though he’s 11 months younger than I am

    How old are you?
    I passed the Big 5-0 a couple years ago

    When is your birthday?
    in the early part of Summer, just when the strawberries are ready to pick

    3 sons who are all growed up and out living life, and half the youngsters in town by love, since I work in the school system.

    No, too much trouble, what with the walking, and the pooper-scooper, and the barking, and the bath

    2 cats, a brother and sister from the same litter and they will be 13 years old this coming summer…the vet bills are almost as numerous as car repairs

    None that I care to remember, since I’ve known DOF for 30 years

    What do you have to say to me?
    Every day the sun rises, giving us a new chance to start again

    It’s Thursday right?
    Yeah, today’s Thursday because I went to my Yarn Group for a couple hours to sit and crochet, and chatted and admired everybody’s Show-n-Tell. There was an adorable little baby hat made with yarn that has a silver thread running through, a couple covered coat-hangers, and I had 4 bookmarks which are going to a craft sale at church in a couple weeks.