Random and Odd

I had written a post going into detail about the stupid drama going on in the Random and Odd household.  I decided to delete it and go with this;

Don’t you hate stupid people? Don’t you hate it when people make judgments by only hearing one side of the story? Don’t you hate it when you’re forced to pick a side?

Recently I was pulled into an argument that had NOTHING to do with me.  The only reason I got drug into it was because my 14 year old daughter was being called names by an adult who only listened to one side of the story.

I am now left with the words that were said to me.  This person hurt my feelings by saying things that weren’t true.  Now I ask myself, “If I know they aren’t true…then why is it bothering me?”  Because I hate it when people think I am a way that I am not.  It’s not wrong for people to want to see you for who you are.  MANY years were spend with me pretending to be a certain way so I would fit into the mold.   When I didn’t fit in, I lost my mind and hurt a lot of people in the process of ‘finding myself’.

It’s been a few days and I have calmed down enough to try to see things from a different point of view.  What I am lead to believe is, this person…has lost her mind as well.  She was being forced into a mold that she doesn’t fit into and doesn’t want to be in.  The only way to ‘be heard’ is to scream and shout and act a fool.  It’s just sad that SO many other people are being hurt because of it.  What is going to hurt later on is when it’s over and done.

Many times I have said, “I’m an Aries, I am too lazy to hold a grudge.”  Sure, that may be the case. I won’t carry around hurt and resentment. I will look at it for what it was and then throw it away.   Without a shadow of doubt, the day will come when this person comes to me and says, “I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m sorry.”

Now, what I am left with is, what will be my response?  I know I will want to say, “You said you didn’t like me and I should go to hell.”  Point out how I was misjudged and labeled.  Or will I do what I always do and say, “Aww, it’s alright.”

God knows I don’t want to.  I was HURT.  Does my feelings not matter to ANYONE?  Is it alright for someone to attack someone and then later on want to be a part of your life?  I’m tired of excuses.

I’m tired of people being resentful of people when something good happens to them.  I am tired of people acting like children and only liking you when you are willing to live by their ‘rules’.
Who I decide to forgive is up to me.

You words will come back to haunt you.  Use them wisely.

And with that said;    BRING ON MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!  this month just sucked the big donkey.