Random and Odd

My Random and Odd Valentine

Hey everyone, Shaun here.  I’m blognapping Random & Odd to post Kristine’s Valentine’s Day post.  To those of you who don’t know Kristine very well, once you talk to her or spend any time with her, she’ll be in your heart forever.  She can be brutally honest without being hurtful, can be supportive and encouraging even if she disagrees with you.  She can make you laugh when you’re ready to pull your hair out.  She’s the ‘realest’ person I’ve ever known.  The way she writes and speaks is really how she is, and everyone lucky enough to call her a friend would agree.  If you’re new here, stick around and definitely comment when she writes something that makes you laugh or want to strangle her.  If you’ve been here awhile, thanks for sticking around through the good times and the tough ones!  Ok, I’m rambling, so back to the point… here are 29 random things (it’s a leap year, hence 29), good or bad, that I thought you might enjoy learning about my favorite blogger:

  1. She does the worst accents ever.  It’s like ‘It’s a Small World’ caught on fire and all the countries melted together
  2. Will mispronounce a word, recognize it halfway through the word, then painfully try to correct herself.  It’s like watching a fly try to escape a web.
  3. Has the worst, guilt-ridden smile when trying to hide something.  You don’t want her lying to congress for you.
  4. She can read a book in one sitting, in one night.
  5. Has a special outfit just for the Dog Park
  6. Labels every UCB/connector wire/plug and knows what each goes to
  7. Will break into song in almost any situation.  Not real songs, either.  Fake, improvised songs to fit whatever’s going on (laundry, me sleeping, etc)
  8. Will remove pickles from my burger before giving it to me
  9. Can recognize, almost instantly, whether she’s already seen a TV show…..we’re talking milliseconds in to the show.  Its impressive.
  10. Can sleep through anything
  11. Will wake up, thoroughly detail an entire dream to me, then fall back asleep immediately.  And she won’t remember any of it.
  12. Gets genuinely excited when people call or e-mail her unexpectedly
  13. Will NEVER call you back when she’s supposed to
  14. Loves calenders, purses, and blank books that she can write in
  15. Has more robes than anyone not named Hefner
  16. Shows a genuine interest in every one of the kids, and knows all about each of their lives
  17. She spent most of the Super Bowl smoking cigars with a bunch of Mexican guys, a former NBA player, a pin-up girl, and my co-workers.
  18. Loves her family to death.  Her mom and sister are EVERYTHING to her!
  19. Can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Effortlessly.
  20. She hates lawn gnomes
  21. Want to drive her crazy?  Say ‘anyways’
  22. Blood vessels in her eyes burst when someone calls the store “Barnes & Noble’s” since there’s no S at the end of it
  23. Will go into a rage within the first five notes of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart) (Pissy and RSG can confirm this one)
  24. At any given time, she has three to five pairs of shoes between our front door and her side of the bed.
  25. Is likely to have one CD that contains Violent Femmes, Al Green, Kid Rock, Alanis Morrisette, and Dixie Chicks.  Not necessarily in that order.
  26. Has the evilest laugh if she witnesses you stubbing a toe, banging a knee, or tripping over something.
  27. Has accepted the inevitable victory of Del Taco over Taco Bell in our home.  I credit the Shredded Beef Burrito and Shredded Beef Macho Nachos.
  28. She JUST had her first chili-cheese flavored Fritos.  Looked at me and said “Hey, these do taste like chili-cheese.  Wow.’
  29. 38 containers in our shower.  36 if you subtract my shaving cream and shampoo.