Random and Odd

I’m holed up in my room.

For Christmas break the girls decided it was time to repaint their room.

When I moved back into the house many years ago, I painted the room a very pretty green and cream yellow.  It was such soothing colors.  After Dan moved out and I went back into the master bedroom, Kara got my little room back.  She HATED the colors, despite the attempts on getting her bedding and decor to match.

The day after Christmas we went to Ikea to pick out new bedding for the girls.  The colors are a very clean white and light blue.  In order to paint the room they had to move EVERYTHING into the living room and kitchen.

I checked in on the girls.  Gone is my beautiful, soothing colors…replaced with clean blue and white.  The music is blaring and the floor is covered in white paint spots.

The only safe place in the whole house is my room.  When Shaun gets home, he can pull all the loose ends together and help with the decorating.
Me…I am going to stay RIGHT here playing my PC game (chuzzle) and watch CNN.

Stat-counter check: 1. Letters to sister  2. mother sucking 13 year old boy.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.