Random and Odd

Stat-Counter truly creeps me out.

I’m not a big fan of Stat tracking for my website.  When I started years ago, I thought it would be cool to see when my ONE reader had checked my website.
“Oh look, Mom read my website at 2:21 pm!”

As I got more readers, it was sort neat to see WHERE people were coming from.
“Oh look, mom is still in Redding!”

Then more readers came and I stopped looking at the stat-tracker cause it freaked me out.
“Why would anyone other than my mom want to read this babble?”

I actually took it off until one day when I was particularly freaked out from a comment I got. I wanted to know where it came from.  I put it back on, but I didn’t check it very often.

I got bored today and checked it.  REMIND ME AGAIN WHY?  Because I am an idiot.

Random and Odd with over a thousand hits today was most popular with:

  1. Boob hair
  2. tit sucking vacuum cleaners
  3. lameness of school dances
  4. Tom Petty lyrics
  5. The whole town of Reston, Virgina

    Really? What the hell?

    I did find this thing I did back in July.  Did I link this yet?

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.


  • Maria

    No bueno. I vote for not looking at it :-)

    I read you because you’re genuine and funny and I like you photographs.

  • shelli

    You made me go check that stupid stat counter….

    someone searched “jordan sparks fingernail color” and gues who came up?
    *waves* yup. odd! i don’t recall so don’t ask!

    it gets better…how about “petite teenies” and “dry heaving for days”

    a bit sick if you ask me!

  • gypsygrrl

    dont forget the whole “anonymous google regular” of this summer…(was it summer?) which was ME reading from work ;P

    those stat counters ARE creepy.
    stick to just knowing your momma is reading in redding and all us adoring fans!

    happy new year to you ~ i’ve not commented in forever – i am LAZY – but i read you often…


  • Diana

    ewww! I haven’t been on your blog in a loooong time, havent been on many blogs in a loooong time, so with the new year (and me stuck at work, shhhhh) I’ve decided to catch up on some old blogs….so I thought I’d say HI, one of your many followers here, back from the SPF days, not even sure if you do that any more, that’s how long its been. Well, aside from the gross site tracking searches (eww) enjoying your site! Happy New Year!

  • Pat

    I had a hit, just today, with search term “Washing sheets between Christmas and January.”

    Sort of gets the ol’ imagination going, doesn’t it?