Random and Odd

SPF: Your Silverware Drawer…

Okay (I know that is not the correct spelling. One of the joys of reading Random and Odd)
Okay, so I grabbed the camera at, oh…midnight, just remembering that it was Thursday and I better have SPF done before Friday morning or I would get my arse kicked by a bunch of SPFers.

Now, I had my macro lens on my camera and was too lazy to find another lens. Admittedly, my silverware drawer is SO wrong. I have stepped back and looked at the contents of my drawer until tonight. EWWW. So gross. I’m going out to buy some new stuff ASAP.

  • a burnt wooden spoon
  • a rusty, yes, RUSTY spatula
  • a broken steamer
  • parts of tupperware stuff I don’t own.
  • old cheez-its.
  • melted plastic ladleDID YOU PLAY???